Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Support Capitol Hill Montessori with an Online Auction

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Capitol Hill Montessori (215 G Street) is part of DCPS and they are raising money for their Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (PTSO). Here's how you can help them and score some great auction items in the process:

Support the Capitol Hill Montessori Online Auction – all are welcome to bid!

Great items available: sports tickets, vacations, restaurant gift certificates, fitness sessions, jewelry, books, art, and more!

Some highlights:
H Street restaurants and bars
Dinner for four at Education Chairman Grosso’s house
College admissions counseling consultations
Custom jewelry
Martial arts classes
Island vacations
DC Hotels for stay-cations or visits from friends and family

Online bidding is open until 10 pm on Monday March 23rd!

All proceeds will support our teachers and students next year!


Anonymous said...

I already support the schools by paying taxes.

Jeebus said...

Anon 4:49pm -- that's nice. But if you'd bothered to read the actual post, you'd see that it isn't for the school, but for the Parent-Teacher-Student organization, which is a separate thing. Remember the PTA growing up? That.

Reading. Is. Fundamental.

Anonymous said...

Jerkbus 8:08, again, I pay taxes to support the schools. That's enough. You're right idiot...

Reading. and. Understanding. Is. Fundamental.

Devils_Gateway said...

Anonymous, Some of us like to do more than the bare minimum when it comes to civic participation and some people just like helping their neighbors! Not exactly sure how that's worthy of your mocking.

Anonymous said...

PTAs pay for all kinds of things schools can't. Depending on the area and overall funding they may support afterschool programming or a full time PE or music teacher because schools had to cut back on "extras" like that due to No Child Left Behind.
No one is forcing you to participate but must you be so unsupporting of the efforts of others? These kids are your neighbors and will be tax payers soon enough.

Anonymous said...

This school is DC Public School's only Montessori school and it's open to students across the city.

DC taxes don't pay for the "Montessori" part of the education so the PTA has to raise the money to cover the difference. This school is also building a middle school - it already offers 7th grade.

If we want better schools, more offerings for kids, sometimes we have to do more than "just" paying taxes.

Todays kids from across the country will be running it someday. You get back what you put in.

Don't know why I bother said...

Anon 8:23 -- you're still being incredibly stupid. The request isn't for more support the schools. It's a request for support for a completely separate organization. Your response that you already support the schools is a non sequitur -- it's as relevant as responding with "I already ride my bike on Thursdays" or "I already color-coordinate my clothing."

If you still don't understand, nobody can help you.

Anonymous said...

Clearly Anon 8:23 didn't receive a Montessori education...or much of any education for that matter. On a different topic- the swag available on the CHM Auction site is awesome...lots of great deals on H street businesses and restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone else their child to a Montessori school. Here's what does on all day:

Teacher: do you want to cut up bananas today or do math.
Student: Uhhh.....I want to cut up bananas.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:45, I don't know why anyone would send their kids to the school you went to. Kids that go there apparently think "Why would anyone else their child..." makes some kind of sense.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Taxes don't cover schooling the young anymore because of greedy teachers and their commitment to the union instead of the kids. It is now a civic responsibility to ensure children are educated.

Anonymous said...

I made the responsible decision to not have children.

Anonymous said...

Aside from arguing here, I did take a look at the auction and there is some awesome stuff on there for a good price.

komurphy said...

Who would have thought a PTA fundraiser would cause such a fuss. They've pretty much always happened.