Monday, March 30, 2015

The Kostume Karaoke Invitational

Disco disco
Disco disco, a photo by flickr user verborrea (Manolo Gómez). Used under a Creative Commons License

Can you belt one out with the best of them? What about when you're dressed in a silly disguise? You can? Awesome! Then you'll want to be a part of the Kostume Karaoke Invitational. It's not a talent search. They want folks who are looking to have fun and know how to entertain a crowd. The rewards? Cash, prizes, and eternal fame and bragging rights.

You can qualify for the competition at a number of bars around town, but right here in our own neighborhood you can do it at Kostume Karaoke at Little Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar (1104 H Street) at 9pm Wednesday, April 1st and 15th.

This competition is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon and Jameson. It culminates in a final showdown event at which the finalists will take to the stage at the Rock & Roll Hotel (1353 H Street) on Thursday, April 30.

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maketto opening 4/10!!