Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Big Boost for the Streetcar from Bowser (NOT an April Fools' Joke)


The streetcar, which so recently found itself on the ropes and with its future looking bleak, got a huge boost last night when Mayor Bowser committed to not only get the H Street/Benning Road line up and running, but also to extend it Ward 7 and eventually take it all the way across the District to Georgetown. You've got to love the love the symbolism if nothing else. And here's the streetcar money quote that appeared in the Washington Post: “We all know that [the streetcar process] has been long on promises and short on results. That changes now." Nice!

Further reading:

Bowser Pledges to Send Streetcar to Ward 7 and Georgetown (Washington City Paper)
Muriel Bowser promises to finish the DC streetcar from Georgetown to Ward 7 (Greater Greater Washington)
D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser pledges new era of government accountability (Washington Post)

Also of interest is this recent post from District Cuisine: H Street Restaurants Speak Out In Support of Streetcar.


Anonymous said...

Awesome!!! It's a good start.

Dave B said...

First we're gonna take it to Union Station...but not really. Then we're gonna take it to the golf course. Then we're gonna take it to Ward 7. Then we're gonna take it all the way to Georgetown. HYYAAAAAH! (fist pump swing)

Annoyingmous said...

OT: Inked, whatever happened to the, uh, intimate toy shop that you posted was looking to open on H Street ~5 years ago or so. I presume that died as it's been so long since I've heard anything about it.

inked said...

The Garden is still around, but I don't know that they anticipate a brick and mortar location on H Street at this point. As you can see from their website & Twitter account they regularly hold workshops and events around town. I know they have held some of those events at the Atlas Performing Arts Center over the years.

pat said...

The point of any transportation is to create a network.

The Beltway would have had little value with only 3 miles of road. connecting Georgia Ave to New Hampshire Avenue.

However, the value came when it completed a ring.

The Value of the Metro wasn't in the first 5 stations, it was in the first 20.

by connecting the Blue, orange and Red lines, we have the start of a network

Anonymous said...

One word or two words? What is the correct writing style when referring to this project? I see that the Mayor has been recently using Street Car and many news outlets and blogs seem to prefer Streetcar.

This got me thinking, perhaps this not issue about writing style at all. Could it be that Mayor Bowser has ended "The Streetcar" project but is starting a brand new project called "The Street Car"? The city really needs to get this issue figured out before we find out we accidentally paid for a 2nd set of tracks on H St NE and Benning Road because of all of this confusion that has been going on lately.