Friday, July 10, 2015

Photos From Yesterday's Starburst Twilight Market

Photo by Karen Ramsey

Reader Karen Ramsey kindly sent in these photos of the inaugural Starburst Twilight Farmers Market. The market is every Thursday from 3-7pm through mid-September. They are starting small (at least one of the vendors couldn't make it this week), but expect to grow.

Photo by Karen Ramsey
Photo by Karen Ramsey
Photo by Karen Ramsey
Photo by Karen Ramsey


1900 H St said...

This is really a good thing. I plan on stopping by to support soon.

Anonymous said...

This will help to keep rifraff out of the starburst area at least for one evening a week.

poo poo said...

i'm stopping by too! i'm sure that a lot of the people that hang out there are like, "WTF?!", but that's a good thing! maybe they'll get a glimpse into what it's like to have a life.... and then decide maybe they'd like one too.