Friday, August 14, 2015

I Made a Sign About the Recall Efforts in ANC 5D

By now you all probably know my feelings about the efforts to recall three of the six commissioners on ANC 5D. These three commissioners have worked very hard (for no pay) to represent the best interests of their constituents.

All three of them have:

  • Gone through hours of training
  • Attended way more meetings than most of us would ever care to attend
  • Coordinated with agencies to address matters like trash, blighted properties, crime, etc.
  • Held regular Single Member District meetings
  • Stood up to bullying by the Chair of ANC 5D to protest the interests of their constituents (even when it was politically risky)
They've done a lot more. This is by no means an exhaustive list. What is their reward for their efforts? Three recall petitions bearing their names. As I wrote before, the allegations on these petitions are either largely or entirely baseless. If you look at these petitions you will notice that they have some odd wording in common. Make no mistake that this was a coordinated effort. It's political payback. Please read what I wrote earlier this week about the recall. Please also read this post about the recall from the Trinidad Neighborhood Association. They have photos of the petitions (click on them to make them bigger), so you can read those their too.

A lot of people have been asking what they can do to help support these commissioners. The best advice I can give is to talk to all your neighbors and friends in the area. Let them know what's really behind these petitions, and ask them not to sign. Feel free to reach out directly to these commissioners if you have any questions. 

I made a sign and hung it on my door because I want everyone (including anyone who comes to my door with a petition) to know exactly how I feel about this little charade. I made the font really big because I want people to see, read it, and ask me about it. I took pictures of my sign, and I'm going to tweet them (#NoRecall and #ANC5D) so I can let even more people know how I feel out the recalls. I'd love to hear (or see) what others are doing or feeling about about the recall. If you like my sign idea, please feel free to use it and hang your own sign.


E.G. said...

Can we get a petition going to recall Kathy Henderson?

Mari said...

Good for you for standing by those you believe in. Sadly the local politics 'round here can be nasty.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for doing this. Not signing this nonsense, take a hike!

Anonymous said...

If you can prove the statements against the ANC reps are false then the petitioners have opened themselves up to be sued for libel. What say you Inked and the many lawyers in DC?

Real citizens said...

Can you prove that the reasons for recall is false???? Ms Henderson has been an upstanding leader and member of this community for longer than these new people who just want power. How we supposed to know that this isn't just payback for your bad job as commish? Ms Henderson had concerns about u 2 I remember! I think your just playing politics cause you lost

inked said...

Real citizens,
What is it that I lost? I ran for ANC one time. I defeated the incumbent, served my term, and didn't run again. I never lost an election. Ms. Henderson has concerns about anyone who disagrees with her. If she had/has concerns about me, I'll take that as a complement.

Anonymous said...

To "Real citizens": Kathy Henderson has been successfully sued for libel by a local business owner. She has been videotaped removing campaign signs supporting a political rival. Her embarrassing, unethical, and illegal behavior has been put on full display and is documented in public record.

KH claims public safety is her primary concern, yet she has proudly used her position of power to prevent development along the Bladensburg Road corridor, which is directly related to the pervasiveness of crime and anti-social behavior in the area.

Regarding the petition, it is clear the allegations of "it's like stealing" are baseless. KH refuses to sign the documents allowing other commissioners to sign checks, in direct contradiction to the directive issued by the city Auditor.

And you require proof her allegations are false?

Anonymous said...

Have the phones been cut off yet? I have a bit of glee in the anticipation for that day. Its funny when people who verbally treat their fellow commission members like rag dolls and ignore their citizens concerns and needs ask for two thousand dollars for their past due phone bills. I re-watched that part of the video ten times when in got released. They actually thought they would get the money. I however did not. (KH fail emoji) (PL no phone or flyers emoji)

(see it here )

These two are so out of touch (KH and PL). I think they actually thought they would get the money. The other commission members need to continue to treat them like those two have been treating the citizens of 5D and those who would like to improve our community through development.

Commissioners, demand the itemized phone bills to see what charges they put on the accounts (premium apps, songs etc.). Also get the web browsing history on the phones and a complete history of their texts.

Also did anyone find it odd that PL votes on liquor licenses and yet she admitted at the last meeting she does not know what "liquor is" let alone the differences in the kinds of licences? I think not much is said on these forums about how KH's lackey is so deficient. Its no wonder she is so easily duped into being an unwitting accomplice in the destructive behavior of KH.

See the exchange where she asks what liquor is here starting at 11:45 mark ( )

As far as someone petitioning a recall against KH at this time, I believe its unlikely to work at this time. KH has longstanding ties with the community. The good news is that the area is rapidly changing and it will be a much different political landscape come November 2016. I think it is imperative that the meetings continue to be filmed. Also, if we can take some time to edit highlights of KH's antics at the meetings and catalog them for future use in the anti-KH campaign 2016 that would be amazing. It will be easy to show the residents in her district why she should be voted out. At the current rate of change, I suspect a third of the community will turn over by the election and be replaced with higher educated, more affluent, and more likely to vote individuals that would be entirely willing to oust her if they were given the proper context that can be found in these films. Voter turn out is key. Even a mediocre candidate could beat her in 2016 if they have a message that was positive that respects both long time residents and the newer residents with a focus on improving the community. If we put our message out correctly before election day, when KH is standing in front of the polling station again electioneering it will confirm to the voters that what we told them of her is true and they will definitely not be voting for her. We are in the Last Days of Kathy Henderson on ANC 5D.

Side note: "The Last Days of Kathy Henderson on ANC 5D" would make a great independent documentary. We could throw some clips together and do a kick-starter. I imagine that the doc would include and interviews with the commission members, the community, the police that have to deal with her, the Bardo's guy, the Jimmy Valentines Guy, our illegal meat salesman, the owner of the dog that got shot on her street, the big developers that contributed to her campaign that she treats with the utmost dignity and respect at the meetings, the guy from Mayor Bowser's office and the Lady from Councilmember McDuffie's office who both sit and cringe during KH's histrionics at our meetings only to have to report back to their respective bosses what a mess she is.

Annoyingmous said...

Be careful, inked. Before long there'll be people kicking in your door to take your dog.

inked said...

I'll take my chances. I'm not afraid of Kathy Henderson.

Anonymous said...

Calling all friends of Steven Motley, Yvonne Buggs and Darlene T. Miles-Harrison. If you know these citizens please do them a solid favor and inform them that their recall petitions as written may leave them open to a libel lawsuit. If Steve, Yvonne and Darlene cannot prove what has been published and circulated (their petitions), it could open them up to legal action. It is sad that these citizens may have been influenced by others who are completely ignorant of the law. These influencers may even have been successfully sued and lost their condo.

inked said...

Yvonne Buggs is actually the commissioner. The person behind her recall petition is George "Action" Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Is there a word limit for the petion to recall?

This is what I have of the top of the dome. Please comment below with more reasons to recall. Or what to leave out. Let's get the whole community involved.

Here are the facts. Kathy disenfranchised an entire single member district at the first meeting of this term by not allowing their duly elected and sworn in commissioner run for an officer position or to vote for or nominate officers. Those citizens had a right to have their commissioner represent their interests in that crucial moment of the term. This caused the current turmoil. As a result of these actions, she has not been able to pursuade the other commissioners to approve the security fund. She caused the funds to be frozen. She put the ANC on the hook for a two thousand dollar phone bill prior to having approval for funds. She repeatedly shut down the meetings without hearing citizens concerns. As chairperson she has been most disrespectful to the other commissioners and citizens. When she has heard citizens concerns she shouted them down as not being citizen concerns. In one meeting she attempted to intimidate a resident for asking a question after the meeting. She assaulted a citizen / citizen journalist at a meeting. She pointed out citizens by name and called them white supremists during a meeting. She allows her daughter a non 5D resident to speak while squelching the other commissioners right to participate. She brings up conspiracy theories about our electric meters spying on us during meetings.

Just to start.

Seriously, let's get all the best reasons down here and write something up. We can find someone to submit this. This recall petition could be ANC 5Ds Declaration of Inependance from Kathy Henderson's intolerable acts.

Anonymous said...

It would be great if we had a YouTube video that was clip after clip showing video evidence in order of all the charges on the recall petition with the Url link on the recall petition. We could also bring an IPad and show the video as we walk around gathering signatures and again on get out the vote day to drive folks to the poll. Most citizens don't realize what happens at these meetings. This will be a game changer for our community!

Whoever is filming this stuff will deserve the lionshare of the credit for her defeat.

Team work makes the dream work!

Anonymous said...

For all of you who are concerned about Kathy Henderson please turn words into actions. Foot soldiers are needed to tell the tales of her wicked, deceitful ways to the community as a whole. This has to be a united front; a tsunami to drive her out. She leads from fear and intimidation and hopes that people will run for cover. There are some that do not and I am not one of those who ever will. Kathy has not yet seen what an upset community can do when she restricts and interferes with their elected commissioners from carrying out their duties. If you wish to help please do the following:
1. Attend the ANC Meetings and ask the chair and the other commissioners questions that you as a citizen have a right to know. If she silences you, the next person should ask the same question, then the next and the next. DON’T BACK DOWN.
2. Correct her when she levies insults at other Commissioners simply because she doesn’t like their opinion or how they voted.
3. Talk to your neighbors and call your Commissioners to let them know you are on their side and will assist them. Posting signs, canvassing, etc. "Kathy free zones are needed" This will give a needed boost for a true change in 5D.

P.S. Kathy if your reading this, the community is coming for you.

Anonymous said...

The vote to not pay her phone bill was the first thing that made me feel like she can be defeated at her own game. Keep it up commissioners! We are behind you.

Anonymous said...

The vacancies will hurt the Trinidad neighborhood. Multiple development efforts are underway, liquor license protests in progress, zoning matters, and multiple opportunities for community engagement. Losing two of Trinidad's three ANCs will be politically devastating. Over 4K people will be stripped of representation if the process results in the petitioners favor.

Perhaps the petitioners actions are pure and I will not question their integrity because doing so doesn't help the situation. I want all in the Trinidad neighborhood to think long and hard about the impact of what's underway.

The character of those being petitioned for recall are impeccable not impeachable. One has taken the bright torch from her predecessor and continued along the wide arc of progress. One has brought amazing vitality, character, passion, compassion and commitment to bring positive change to his SMD. One is one of the best, strategic, positive change agents in the entire ANC system; she is a tireless crusader and a true light in dark places.

It is heart breaking to me that these volunteer warriors are bing put through the ringer, and for no other reason than working towards good government. We need more like them, not less.

I stand in solidarity with them and I ask that you do the same. When asked to sign those petitions, just say no.

As for anything related to the current 5D Chairperson, I don't think indulging in name calling or character attacks are useful.

It's just like, "Everybody know's about Mississippi..."

poo poo's third concubine thrice removed said...

wow. this is all so depressing. normally, i'd be gung ho about doing something right, in the face of this situation - which REEKS of wrong... on every level.

but i'm just depressed about it all.

i wonder if anything will come of it. i mean KH is entrenched in the community. the folks that voted her in are not going to disagree with her - it's not like they are independent thinkers (which is what got her "elected").


Anonymous said...

Thy came for my neighbor and I said nothing

Anonymous said...

We should organize a day where community members from the 3 recall SMDs go door to door within their SMD to discuss this issue with their neighbors and encourage them to come to the meetings to see for themselves and to view independent media like this website to stay informed. We could even encourage them to put up I decline to sign signs on their doors!

Anonymous said...

Go door-to-door with the you tube clips on an Ipad ( you will prob get robbed ), but it would be more convincing to the uneducated ignorants that vote here. They need reality TV to make them believe anything

Anonymous said...

just have the power meters feed a 'do not sign' signal into the minds of these will be OK. After all, they are already reading our thoughts and spying on us, surely someone can make this happen. #sadbuttrue

Anonymous said...

Clown shoes.

John said...

My neighbor said that she signed the petition just to get India Henderson off her property. I'm happy to help in the efforts to right this wrong Kathy has created.

Anonymous said...

First rule of being an adult: If you can't afford a cellphone you shouldn't be spending all of your time doing a job that pays no money. This is the same principal that is seen in an airplane where the pilot tells you to put your mask on before helping others get theirs on. Kathy, and PetaGay get your own lives in order before you try to tell others what to do. For the record, I say that as someone who pays for my own cellphone bill and has never asked the ANC to pay it for me.

Anonymous said...

ANCs have a budget and the ANC budget paying for the legitimate use of an ANC cell phone is not problematic in itself. ANCs - just like Councilmembers and the Mayor - should not have to use their own cell phones or pay for a cell phone when there is a budget for that.

The issue is the lack of transparency in the management of the budget - not the use of cell phones..

Anonymous said...

I just purchased my first home in the area and am now concerned about the politics occurring in this area.

First, can someone direct me to the incident with Kathy Henderson about "the owner of the dog that got shot on her street" ?? I was planning on adopting a dog and now am scared of having an issue.

More importantly, is there anything a new resident can do besides attending the meetings? I'm very concerned about any retaliation for having a dissenting view from my ANC.

Anonymous said...

@3:16 Move and sell while you can! They dont want police, they dont want jail time for criminals. They can march and scream "Hands up dont shoot" , but they dont march for safer cleaner streets. There's is a different culture of different values.

This was just on MSN about DC

Anonymous said...

If the chair person is asking for her phone bill be paid by the ANC, why isn't the phone number listed on the office of ANC website? Once again the lack of transparency is evident.

inked said...

Attending the meetings is the best way to follow what happening with the ANC. If you live in Trinidad and don't want to got to ANC meetings, I would recommend the Trinidad Neighborhood Association meetings (actually, I recommend the TNA meetings even if you DO want to attend ANC meetings). Those meetings are well run, and a great way to learn more about neighborhood issues and events.

The ANC stuff will sort itself out, and I promise that no one is going to hunt you down or physically attack you for disagreeing with any particular ANC representative, so don't worry about that. Meet your neighbors. People around here are generally quite friendly.

Also, ignore 5:34, that comment is clearly just an example of trolling.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually kinda concerned that my ANC rep isn't being recalled. Maybe that mean he's colluding with Henderson.

inked said...

11:01, is your representative Commissioner Clarence Lee of ANC 5D07? If so, don't worry. I think he's doing a truly excellent job as commissioner and Vice-Chair even during a politically rocky period.

Anonymous said...

@inked - excellent a stretch. Definitely a good start and he is doing more than the last one in 5D07 but still a ways to go. Support and encourage him as much as you can to meet with and listen to constituents.
@11:01, I think KH might find it harder to pick on someone that has been living here for decades and has family in the neighborhood.

inked said...

Ok, yes. Excellent is a bit of an exaggeration. Room for improvement. I don't love everything he does, but I think he's mostly solid, & I've been pretty impressed by him at times.

Robin said...

Since we're talking about Comm. Lee, I think he's really great. There have been many mornings when I'm out walking the dogs (before 6:30am) and he's walking through his SMD handing out notices for SMD meetings, talking with neighbors, inviting them to TNA or other events, and just making sure people know who he is and where he lives. He's genuine and nice, even though I don't agree with him at times.

He's pretty solid and that's helpful during the current political situation.

Anonymous said...

The root of the current political situation is one person, the current chair. Let's call it for what it is. She has created the current adversarial atmosphere, resorting to inappropriate, nasty comments about her fellow commissioners. All of her actions have not been in the interest of the constituents but only to boost her image of power at the expense of what is fair and just. The situation regarding the bank access has not been resolved, but instead she resorts to name calling and deceit. Wake up neighbors and judge the other commissioners by their actions and whose interests they have worked tirelessly to represent. Participate in the recall by becoming more involved and speaking up for those commissioners that are doing the right thing for you! We need to work together to create a positive, truthful atmosphere so that our interests are truly represented to improve our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

with KH gone things can get done like it should be, and all this power fighting will stop

Anonymous said...

how can you use the budget when the top dog is spending the money and buy a computer and tell everyone they brought it for the ANC to use, but it's at your place not in a official ANC office

Anonymous said...

Now who would be that crazy to do something like this knowing that it would get back to the Auditor. Now we know it's the person that has the check book. But my question is why this is not in the agenda for this month meeting the public need to know this so stop hiding things.

We have been informed that a member of ANC 5D has visited different TD Bank branches around the city requesting a change in signers and to access the account and that this is causing concerns among bank branch staff.

As a preemptive measure to protect the assets of ANC 5D, I have requested that the Office of Finance and Treasury (OFT) place a freeze on the account and that custody of ANC 5D’s checkbook be maintained at the Office of the DC Auditor. Because this is an administrative issue within the ANC,