Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween at Impala


If you're looking for something a little different for Halloween, spending the evening at Impala (1358 H Street) might be just what the doctor ordered. They've got a fire pit set up in the courtyard, $20 all you can eat tacos (5-11pm), and $5 hot spiked cider. Tomorrow's forecast calls for clear skies with a high of 61°F, and it's be in the mid-low 50s all night. Sounds like fire pit and cider weather to me.


Tom said...

Stopped by. It was DEAD inside. I wonder how Impala is doing. It took them so long to open to much fan fare and then it was kind of like poof, let's just keep on going to Sol. Maybe it's just me. Anyone a big fan?

inked said...

I can immediately think of several people I know who are regulars at Impala. I suspect Halloween is generally a slow night for a lot of restaurants. That's perhaps why you see so many Halloween events/specials.

LB said...

Impala definitely has huge fans--and at times the restaurant is packed, but never on "special event" nights I've noticed. Their food is amongst the best Mexican fare I've had on the east coast--it blows Sol out of the water as far as flavor and authenticity, as well as atmosphere (IMHO).

Anonymous said...

Another huge fan here. The food is excellent. Folks are making a big mistake if they really are going to Sol.