Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ANC 5D Special Meeting 11/18

Having trouble reading that? No problem, the text appears below (or go full screen by clicking on the square with the two arrows in it):

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 2015 – 7:00 PM
Per DC Code § 1–309.11.3.c and ANC 5D Bylaws § V.4, Commissioners Blacknell, Buggs, Lee, Roberts and Shropshire have requested a Special Meeting of ANC 5D to address the below agenda items. Per ANC 5D Bylaws and Robert’s Rules of Order, only the below items may be discussed at this Special Meeting.

1. Roll Call
2. Approval of Minutes
a. September 10, 2015 monthly meeting
b. October 13, 2015 monthly meeting
c. November 10, 2015 monthly meeting
3. Approval of Q4 ANC 5D Financial Report
4. Administrative Matters
a. Resolution to add ANC 5D Treasurer as Authorized T-Mobile Account, Disconnect Existing ANC 5D T-Mobile Account
b. Resolution to Lease P.O. Box and Change ANC 5D Commission mailing address
c. Resolution to Establish ANC 5D Commission Web Site
d. Resolution to Establish Special Committee on ANC 5D FY16 Budget
5. Adjourn

Photos of posted notice appear below.


Jonathan Higglesbottom III said...

No, seriously. I'm not seeing the special election to dethrone the sociopath from her office. Is it coded into the agenda? Could so,wine please explain to a layman like myself, without getting oneself into trouble or giving away the "surprise"?

Just Jon Again said...

Could *someone

inked said...

Actually, all they have to do for that is not vote her in as Chair in January. ANC 5D bylaws call for officer elections each January. Henderson doesn't have the votes to get Chair. Last night's meeting made that abundantly clear.

inked said...

Right now Henderson is the only one with access to the cell phone account. She's also the only one with access to any mail sent to ANC 5D.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC storify! As they said in Dragnet, just the facts. Anyone not aware of all the previous drama for the past 10 months, should read this storify synopsis. Thank you frozen tropics for your ever present attention to the charade of all meeting and how the chair has manipulated with unethical procedures. She had a new commission who was willing and able to work with her after the questionable chair election. She had fellow commissioners who had great organizational skills, knowledge and willingness to work for our community. Unfortunately, she chose to dominate, exclude and utilize devious practices throughout the past 10 months. The storify synopsis of the last meeting captures perfectly her need to dominate and exclude her fellow commissioners. Thank you again frozen tropics for your efforts and success to present, JUST THE FACTS.