Wednesday, November 11, 2015

From the 11/10/15 ANC 5D Meeting: A Tale of Two Agendas

Please note that this video by Edward Milton cuts off when a group of five commissioners walks out of the meeting. An audio recording of the entire meeting will be available soon.


Anonymous said...

What does @nomadyard mean when they imply developers intend to "columbus" their space? Aren't the developers the legal owners of the space? To me, if anything, trying to force the legal owners of the space to do something against their will seems more analogous to the actions of the late Spanish explorer.

Annoyingmous said...

Is there a more dysfunctional ANC in the entire city? Maybe it's just that I see regular updates about only this one and ANC6A, which in contrast has been held up as a model ANC for over ten years. Maybe if I heard lots about other ANCs, they also would seem as dysfunctional?

inked said...

I've waiting on an email from them.

inked said...

I think we can rest assured that the behavior related above is definitely an outlier as far as ANCs go.

Anonymous said...

At what point does law enforcement get involved to remove a disruptive presence like Henderson?

inked said...

It basically comes down to it not being MPD's job to run meetings. I'm sure that if Henderson or anyone else, physically threatened or attack anyone MPD would intervene, but would we really want them to short of that? I wouldn't because I consider this an issue for the ANC as a whole, and the community to resolve. ANC 5D will select new officers in January and Henderson clearly does not have the votes to be elected Chair. If residents of her Single Member District don't like how she conducts herself they can petition to have her recalled.