Tuesday, November 03, 2015

WJLA: Update on Layla Lounge


Local news outlet WJLA has an update on the latest developments following the October 22nd fatal stabbing of 18 year old Eric Jones of Clinton, Maryland inside Layla Lounge (501 Morse Street). The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board held a hearing on the matter yesterday, but the report is not yet posted online. According to the WJLA report:
  • The club could reopen as early as tomorrow.
  • Layla Lounge fired three of its 12 security officers for letting a knife through. Security checked patrons at the door.
  • The club has installed additional cameras. The attack was not caught on camera.
  • The club has agreed to bar certain Go-Go bands from performing at the club. This would presumably include TCB and TOB, which were scheduled to perform the night of the stabbing.

Following the stabbing Layla Lounge had been temporarily shuttered by Police Chief Cathy Lanier.
MPD previously released this video of persons of interest in the stabbing, urging anyone with information about the stabbing, or the identity of the individuals shown in the video, to contact MPD at (202) 727-9099 or to text a tip to the Department's TEXT TIP LINE to 50411. You can also contact detectives working on the case directly. Detective James Wilson // (202) 409-8093 cell or (202) 645-7063 desk. Detective Gus Giannakoulias // (443) 682-2052 cell or (202) 645-5448 desk. Ref. CCN #15-167-839


RPW said...

What's the rationale behind barring certain bands from playing? How does that go to improve security?

Anonymous said...

it doesn't address the problem at all, they shouldn't even have security or if they have to every other bar in the district should have the same amount of security, cause either you never know or you are racist.
total BS

pat said...

Some bands have violent fans/followers.

I'd say the better policy is that bars that have had incidents should have to increase security..

A peaceful neighborhood watering hole shouldn't have to meet the same guidelines
as Places like 12 which seemed to attract trouble.