Friday, April 15, 2016

District Cuisine: Cusbah Responds to Closing Rumors

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Cusbah on Krampusnacht

Local blog District Cuisine recently broke the news that the space home to Pakistani & Indian restaurant Cusbah (1128 H Street) was for lease, and spoke with a representative for the landlord who said the business had to be out before May 1st. The news was met online by confusion and concern from patrons and fans of the restaurant. Cusbah initially did not respond to inquiries other than to tell curious patrons the closing rumors were only rumors. The restaurant has since released a statement (posted in its entirety on District Cuisine) acknowledging that they are engaged in a legal dispute with their landlord, but saying they intend to remain open and operating in their current space.


poo's second concubine thrice removed said...

tricky situation, fer sher. kinda like the "artists' building" on NY ave. i mean, when you don't own the building, you don't own the building. the owner owns the building. sad, but true. unless the terms of the lease are being violated, it is what it is. we can only hope that through adversity, fantastic opportunity arises. no?

Anonymous said...

There's now a huge "For Lease" banner on the turret. Awkward.

inked said...

Yeah, that's been up. We'll see what happens.

Anonymous said...

I asked last night when I picked up take out and the response was, essentially, no idea what you're talking about--the blogs are all wrong.