Sunday, November 06, 2016

My Endorsement for ANC 5D06: Yvonne Buggs

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ANC 5D06 Commissioner Yvonne Buggs

The job of an advisory neighborhood commissioner is not an easy one. It can mean dealing with paperwork and hassles, and trying to untangle situations that have gone wrong, or simply not yet been properly addressed by city agencies. The individuals who take on the role of commissioner do so on a volunteer basis, and are not paid for their hours or effort. They receive some training, but often must work with the existing skills they bring with them, and learn the rest on the fly.

During her first term Commissioner Yvonne Buggs (ANC 5D06) has displayed commitment to her role, and to the residents she represents. She has held numerous public single member district meetings to engage with her constituents and keep them apprised of important issues facing the Trinidad community. She took care to incorporate the suggestions and feedback of concerned neighbors when drafting an ABRA settlement agreement for Trinidad Market and Deli (AKA Mike’s Market, 1322 Florida Ave).

There was a brief period earlier this year during which some constituents may have experienced difficulties in reaching Commissioner Buggs. She missed a hearing date, and a deadline slipped past without the required response. The unavailability and oversights were unfortunate, but I think also understandable given the circumstances. The fact is that Commissioner Buggs lost a close family member, for whom she had been one of the primary caregivers, in very early 2016. It has been my experience that Commissioner Buggs has generally responded promptly to inquiries made outside this brief window of time.

In addition to her single member district duties, Commissioner Buggs also serves as secretary for Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5D. In this capacity she circulates agendas, and records and produces minutes, for all public Commission meetings. Commissioner Buggs is easy going, has shown a willingness and desire to work collaboratively with her fellow commissioners, and displayed tact by refusing to take the bait when provoked by a certain quarrelsome commissioner. 

I believe Commissioner Yvonne Buggs has learned and grown during her first term on ANC 5D, and I look forward to her continued work on the Commission. I strongly urge residents of Trinidad's ANC 5D06 to join me in casting a vote for the re-election of Commissioner Buggs.

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Anonymous said...

The person running against her has no experience and is a very strong support of Kathy Henderson. That we don't need in office here in Trinidad.

Anonymous said...

Say no to KH!

Yoomie said...

I also ran against Yvonne Buggs in 2014 when she was new to the ANC. I was hit as a pedestrian in s hit and run in mid-October in our neighborhood at FL Ave snd Staples NE and was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months. I am again running this election cycle to finish what I started in 2014. I don't have a strong support for Kathy Henderson as a political figure but a diplomatic support as a fellow neighbor, the same support I give Commissioner Buggs when I attended the ANC meetings with her as she was nice enough to give me a ride to the meetings.

inked said...


Thanks for weighing in. This endorsement should in no way be taken as a personal judgement against you, who I definitely do see being positively involved in the neighborhood. You and Commissioner Buggs have both run clean and honest campaigns.