Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Local Briefing: Celebrating Women, Marathon Plans, & Local Spots Hiring

The Rock 'n' Roll Marathon returns to H Street on Saturday

The good folks behind plant based restaurant Fare Well (406 H St.) will support the Day Without a Woman protest by giving a portion of the proceeds from today's sales to a local women's shelter. By the way, Fare Well recently started opening on Mondays at 5 p.m. On the east of the Corridor, The Queen Vic (1206 H St.) will celebrate International Women's Day by temporarily discounting their bottles of wine to $20 for all women.


It's time once again for the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon to pass through our neighborhood. It's a great chance to get out and support the runners, and quite the sight as you watch them make their way down the Corridor on Saturday. It's also important to plan ahead for road closures. Below is a partial course map, but please take a look at the full one if you need to travel, because this thing really winds through a large section of the District.

Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 6.51.33 AM 

Keep in mind that road closures are more extensive, and you can find the list on the marathon website. Here's a partial list of local closures:

K St. NE (Whole Road) North Capitol St. NE to 4th St. NE 7AM - 12:45PM
4th St. NE (Whole Road) K St. NE to H St. NE 7AM - 12:45PM
H St. NE (Whole Road) 4th St. NE to 13th St. NE 7AM - 1PM
13th St. NE (Whole Road) H St. NE to Constitution Ave NE 7AM - 1PM
Constitution Ave NE (Whole Road) 13th St. NE to North Carolina Ave NE 7AM - 1:15PM
North Carolina Ave NE (Westbound) Constitution Ave NE to C Street NE 7AM - 1:15PM
C Street NE (Eastbound) North Carolina Ave NE to 22nd St. NE 7AM - 1:30PM
C Street NE (Whole Road) E. Capitol St. NE 21st Street NE 7:00 AM 2:15 PM
22nd St. NE (Whole Road) C St. NE to East Capitol St. NE 7AM - 2PM
North Carolina Ave NE (Whole Road) 14th St. NE to 13th St. NE 7:30AM -10:30AM
East Capitol St. NE (Westbound) Minnesota Ave / East Capitol Exit Ramp to C St. NE 7AM - 1:30 PM
East Capitol St. NE (Westbound) 22nd St. NE to 19th St. NE 2:30AM - 3PM

The streetcar will have a delayed start time on Saturday. Streetcar service will begin after the marathon traffic clears, at approximately 1 p.m.

Do you know someone looking for a job? Sally's Middle Name (1320 H St.) and Craft Beer Cellar (301 H St.) are both hiring right now. CBC has full and part-time positions at the shop, and Sally's is looking for servers and line cooks.


Anonymous said...

Can you please follow up on what's going on with theArgonaut.

inked said...

I'll try to find out what will happen to the space, but all I can really say about what has happened is that there were multiple partners and I've heard that some of them perhaps thought the restaurant was not profitable enough, and wanted to go in a different direction. That is not really something I can provide a source for, but it's the story I have heard from people in a position to know.

Kenny G said...

I also heard from a former Argo employee that the permitting for the enclosed patio is somewhat questionable and this is making it difficult to sell the property... just what I heard.