Thursday, June 15, 2017

ANC 5D02 SMD Meeting Saturday to Address Development at 1262 Holbrook Terrace

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 6.47.12 AM
Image from the BZA application

ANC 5D02 Commissioner Shropshire will hold her monthly Single Member District meeting this Saturday 11 am–1 pm at the Trinidad Recreation Center (1310 Childress Street NE). The developer for 1262 Holbrook Terrace NE (BZA Case 19512) will give a presentation, and residents are encouraged to attend, ask questions, and share their concerns.  The Board of Zoning Adjustment will hold a hearing on the case June 21st. Anyone can offer testimony at the hearing, and you also have the option to present written testimony while the record is open.

The applicant in this case is requesting "special exceptions under the alteration of a roof top architectural element requirement of Subtitle E § 206.1, and under the residential conversion requirements of Subtitle U § 320.2, to construct a rear addition and third-story addition to convert a one-family dwelling into a three-unit apartment house in the RF-1 Zone at premises 1262 Holbrook Terrace N.E. (Square 4055, Lot 48)." This is a Dila Development and Construction project, and the architect is RAM Design.

There's a map of Single Member Districts posted on the (out of date) ANC 5D website.


Anonymous said...

jesus christ just build it already. Anything is better than an abandoned crack house.

Anonymous said...

The ANC voted not to support this on a close vote (3-4). Neighbors are noting on next door they are unhappy with process and want to stop it. Last time they did that with a developer on that street one or two neighbors got concessions, fewer units were built, and the affordable housing component was deleted. Too many people asking for concessions for this not to be messy again. Anyone living close by should go to the meeting.

Anonymous said...

everyone wants a piece of the pie, marion barry style. MMmhmmm

Anonymous said...

They should build this by-right and be done with this. When the building goes up by-right then no one can complain about it nor stop it.

Unknown said...

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Derrick said...

I hope they come up with a better design for this house... the pop up looks kind of weird with the double pitch, or whatever the roof is called. This house should be better coordinated/accentuated with its proposed neighbors, which look more clean cut with the rooflines. On another note, I am not sure how the house will look from the street level, maybe it's tucked away/hidden nicely?

Bottom line is I agree, I hope something gets done with this area soon. The longer it takes to develop, the more restrictions/negotiations/revisions it has, the more costly the development will be. The cost of development is never going to the developers, and always going to the newcomers buying these places. (aka. less affordable). But again, if the developer came up with a good design and coordinated with the neighbors well in the first place, maybe everything would have gone smoothly.

David Do said...

Wait so why are they not doing this project by-right?