Sunday, August 06, 2017

Do You Know this Cat Found Near 12th & H Street? [UPDATE: Tish the Cat is Home]



Tish the cat is home safe.


A reader wrote in regarding a cat she found near 12th and H Street NE Friday night.

"I was on H street last night and found a sweet female cat looking for food in the middle of the road. Collar with a pink bow, but no tag - she seemed like a lost house cat. It was late and I was really worried about her being hit by a car - so the humane society animal control picked her up and has her on "lost pet" hold for the next five days."

I checked the Humane Rescue Alliance website, and I believe this cat is being held under the name Gato (#36130148) at the New York Avenue NE shelter. The listing on the HRA website describes the collar as blue, but I think it contains both colors, and also has a bell. If this is your cat please call 202-576-6664.



Anonymous said...

what happens after five days?

inked said...

Anon 8:01,
The shelter starts getting the cat ready for adoption.

Anonymous said...

wow! that's pretty quick. is it the same for dogs too?

K on K Street said...

I think an owner should notice if their cat is missing for 5 days. And the shelter would be the first call. 5 days doesn't seem too fast.

Anonymous said...

This cat is Tish and he's home now. Thanks for posting! He's microchipped, but was apparently in such a foul mood after animal control picked him up they couldn't scan him. Do you know where the picture was taken? I'm a little disturbed that he went onto H.

pat said...

Well, he may have been macking on girls on H St.

inked said...


I think the Humane Rescue Alliance posting said 12th Street near H Street.

Anonymous said...

8:19 So glad that Tish is home - the folks who took the picture found him in H Street in front of the AutoZone.