Monday, November 27, 2017

Mousecawitz the Cat is Missing [UPDATE: He's Home & Safe]

mousecawitz lost crop photo

Mousecawitz is safely back at home.

A reader writes in that her cat Mousecawitz is missing. Mousecawitz was last seen around 11:30pm on November 26th near an alley at Kent Pl NE & 10th St NE.

Message From Owner: "He is super sweet, but super shy. If you live nearby please keep an eye out and check hiding place in your yards. He's a talker so he may respond if you make meowing noises. Seriously so so so upset he's lost!!!! Love him so much!"

Description: Young (1.5 years) black and white tuxedo cat. He has half a "milk mustache" on the right side of his face. 3 of his legs have white markings on only his paws, the back left leg has white markings stretching up to his knee joint. He weighs about 7 lbs, and is fixed. He has a slight tear in his left ear. He is shy and skittish, but will respond to his name, as well as "kitten."

If you spot Mousecawitz please call 202-253-7481 or email catherinejohnso[at]

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