Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Wilson-Epes Printing is Collecting Donations for the Annual Gifts for the Homeless Used Clothing Drive

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Wilson-Epes Printing (775 H Street NE) is accepting donations for the annual Gifts for the Homeless clothing drive. Gifts for the Homeless is a registered 501(c)(3), that is staffed by volunteers and financially supported by their board members and their employers, meaning any financial donations go straight to purchasing clothing and blankets at discount rates for area shelters. They hold a used clothing drive the first week of each December.

Here's a description of what to (and what not to) donate during the drive:

We focus on warm winter clothing and bedding (blankets, sheets, and sleeping bags), but all items of clothing for men, women and children will be gratefully received – including sweats, sweaters, pants, business casual, night clothing, and accessories.  Men’s clothing and plus size clothing of both genders are in particular great need.  There is also a need for travel size toiletries of all types.  We can find a home for other items as well, including but not limited to:  toys, shoes, luggage, sheets and towels, and good, working household items such as dishes, small appliances (think compact microwave or smaller), strollers, baby care items, etc.  No furniture, computer equipment, or bulky items, please.
We have no rules on how to bring your stuff to the drive – feel free to place your donations in any type of bag (plastic, paper, reusable, etc.), box, or other item (e.g., if you are donating a hamper) that is available to you to transport the items over to our sorting site.  No need to dry clean items before dropping them off at the drive, but clean items are gladly accepted. 

You can drop off donations at Wilson-Epes Monday through Friday from 9am–6pm. You can also schedule a free pick-up of items by calling Wilson-Epes at 202-789-0096. Anyone interested in volunteering to help sort or deliver donated clothing can get details on the Gifts for the Homeless website.

By the way, Wilson-Epes Printing provides all sorts of services, not just legal printing. They have a notary, and can print glossy stickers. They offer oversize printing for posters and banners. Need to print a file from your thumb drive or send a fax? They do that too, and their pricing for binding and regular old printing is reasonable too. Check their Twitter account for more examples of their work.


so? said...

Inked, I second the heads-up about Wilson-Epes. They are a great neighborhood resource, and I confess I lived here for years before I knew about them. I've gone for passport photos, notary, and anything I used to do at Kinkos. Nice staff, too.

inked said...

They are great.