Tuesday, March 08, 2005

R&B Coffee Temporarily Closed for Repairs

R&B Coffee, at 1359 H Street NE, has very temporarily shut it doors so that the owner, Alphonso Morgan, can make a few changes. He plans to add a new display case to accommodate the sandwiches and salads that patrons have requested. He is also working on expanding into the space on the second floor. No news yet on when R&B will reopen, but Alphonso promises that the closing will be brief, and that the changes will be worth it. He is actively soliciting suggestions regarding food items (sandwiches, soups, and salads). See his website for details.


Anonymous said...

I was really bummed to find it closed on Friday and Saturday. I hope that he will be more dependable in the future.
I gotta have my java and I really would rather get it there.

inked said...

Yeah I know. It's always nice to know what's going. I thnk this is a one time thing. My understanding is that He opened with what he had, and it was good. But then he heard from people aboout all this other stuff they really wanted, and who wouldn't feel a pretty immediate desire to meet those customers' expectations? Besides, isn't it really encouraging to see a new merchant on H Street who genuinely strives to make his business the best that it possibly be?