Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Outside the Argonaut

1400 block of H Street.
Posted in honor of all the recent comments the site keeps getting about this place.
4pm-2am Tuesday thru Thurs
4pm-3am Friday and Saturday
4pm-? Sundays
closed mondays in August (will be open 7 day/week Sept. 1)


Anonymous said...

Yes! My burger was spectacular, my beer was cold, and they had baseball on the TV. What more could I ask for?

Bills90210 said...

Glad they are here. What opens next?

inked said...

The next H Street opening should be the Martini Lounge. Based on what was said at meetings, it sounds like he next of Joe Englert's places might be either the Olympic, or Show Bar.

soul searcher said...

i don't even hang out at bars like that, but i plan to go down and support them. finally some nightlife on h street (again)!

soul searcher said...

went down and grabbed a brew. good environment. crowd was starting to form a little. should build up a nice crowd around game time, i'd imagine, as they have great tv's. pool table, tables for diners, pretty good menu and drink selections. looks like a winner!