Monday, August 21, 2006

H Street Festival News

From the Festival Committee:

H Street Merchants Association & H Street Main Street present:

The H Street Festival. September 23rd 2006.

Festival Mission:
The focus of the Festival of H Street is the strategic revitalization of the business district of H Street, and the promotion of Arts in DC.

Our Volunteer Needs:

The focus of the Festival on H Street morphs with its growth, and so does the need to efficiently manage the event by using quality volunteers.

This year, the volunteer tasks will be project-based. They will work on event and merchant management, grassroots and traditional marketing, artist research, volunteer recruitment, and festival themes. The process of assigning volunteers to project areas will be managed by querying the volunteer's interest or skill set, and assigning the volunteer to the category that best matches. It is our interest to encourage volunteers through increasing camaraderie among the volunteers, providing
opportunities to network with each other, and insuring that they see positive results from their efforts.

We recognize that the most important quality for working with volunteers is a combination of patience, accountability, clear direction as well as awards and acknowledgement. Our previous volunteering experiences give us a unique position in that we can facilitate our ability to supply direct training, resources, and education on the history of the area and the people in the area.

Our Specific Current Volunteer Needs:

Marketing and Promotions:

We need help with marketing and promotions. This is principally grassroots promotion. We need people that can disseminate flyers in the neighborhood, surrounding areas, and at other festivals occurring between now and our date of September 23rd.

Community Organization Partnership Developer:

We would like to work with as many community organizations and nonprofits that support the area and/or the arts as possible. We realize, however, that there may be organization and or projects that we have not yet learned about. We have a PDF of a media kit that we will send to these community organizations, as well as stock email that can be used for the initial inquiry (the volunteer can feel free to add
creatively to the stock email or compose their own email), but we need individuals to engage these organizations, develop relationships and insure that we are serving them properly. We would like volunteers that can handle developing relationship with these organizations.

Festival Management:

We are a creative bunch, but are always open for ideas. We want this event to be an event that assists all aspects of the professional arts within D.C. We will have an area that focuses on DC's Literary Artists, and a section that will focus on DC's Visual Artists. As last year, we also have a focus on music and dance and there will be event management opportunities within those arenas. In addition, we will focus on DC's fashion scene as an extension of its arts.

Finally, we need people to provide information for festival attendees, manage vendors and assisting with stage management. We are interested in hearing from people that would like to help as soon as possible.

If you would like to volunteer to assist with this event, please send an email to Please inform of us of any special skills, or interest that you may have.

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Carnivorous said...

why are they just now looking for festival management if the festival is a month away? and why is the website not updated with anything about this year's festival, including the date! or the fact that it's NE DC!