Friday, August 04, 2006

Murder Map of Baltimore

Ok, it's not DC. But it's somehow fascinating in a morbid sort of way. a man has created an interactive google map of this year's murders in Baltimore. when you click on each marker you find the story (as told in the the Murder Ink column of Baltimore's City Paper). The map is disturbing, but you still find yourself compelled to read the stories of each man/woman/child & his, or her, demise. Beyond simple narration, the Murder Ink text offers up contextual information such as that a particular killing is the sixth in a certain neighborhood & the third on a cetain street, or that by a certain point 1/2 of the city's homicide victims have been shot in the head. I found this through a link on Richard's blog Rebuilding Place. Baltimore also has its own crime blog, which I visit infrequently, but always find interesting.


Anonymous said...

Check out for a Google Maps mash-up with DC crime data.

Anonymous said... also has RSS feeds of crimes. Very cool. You can get RSS feeds for specific zip codes, streets, or crime types. Interesting.