Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hangouts & Haunts (Updated)

This is a brand spanking new version of my list of hangouts and haunts (both current, and anticipated) in the area (H Street, and its surrounding neighborhoods to the north), but it doesn't include every restaurant. I've omitted most carry-outs since you can't technically "hangout" in them (unless you're talking shooting dice in Crown Chicken). This post is updated semi-regularly (so if it says opening "any day now" you should measure that from the time of the last update, not the date at the bottom of the post). At times this post may be slightly out of date, so please take that into account. Last partial update: 8/31/2011.
Benning Road
1800 block
LBG Front2
Photo provided by Langston Grille

Langston Grille (link plays music): an intimate soul food restaurant and bar.
1831 Benning Road

Bladensburg Road

Jimmy Valentine's

Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club: Bottled beers and mixed drinks are on offering in this out of the way tavern. They offer frozen pizza for those experiencing emergency late night munchies. Cash only, but they have an ATM. Now serving brunch on Sundays.
1103 Bladensburg Road

Florida Ave

1300 block


Connor Contemporary: A commercial art gallery.

1358 Florida Avenue
Industry Gallery: A gallery focused on 21st century design.
1358 Florida Avenue (second floor)

G Fine Art: A gallery dedicated to International art from the 1960s to present day
1350 Florida Avenue

Open Studio DC: A screen printing studio and gallery
1348 H Street

H Street

1400 block
(patio photo provided by the Argonaut)

The Argonaut: A neighborhoody restaurant and tavern. Fully recovered from the fire in the summer of 2010, and back better than ever. Don't miss the patio.
1433 H Street
1300 block

Slice of Life (coming soon): Formerly a largely unused building that boasted a small corner store (the Sun and Moon) on the first floor, this space will, after much renovation, be home to a local gourmet pizza chain.
1387 H Street

Rose's Dream: Bar with live music (jazz, r and b, and go-go) and karaoke nights. No food, but you can carry up food from the Caribbean carry-out downstairs. Full bar with bottled beers. Moving down a few doors soon.
1370 H Street

H Street Playhouse: Live theater, home of Theater Alliance, and a number of award winning shows.
1365 H Street
Pho Bar & Grill: a Vietnamese restaurant with full bar. Open late.

Sova Wine and Espresso Bar: a loungy coffee spot. Serves limited food [pastries, muffins, sandwiches, and some desserts]. Free WiFi. They have a liquor license. They have a rotating beer and wine list, for upstairs. They also do craft cocktails.
1359 H Street

Impala* (coming soon): a northern Mexican restaurant from the team behind Tacos Impala.

1358 H Street


Biergarten Haus: a beer garden serving a traditional German menu. Massive outdoor patio.
1355-1357 H Street


Gallery O/H: an art gallery specializing in folk and outsider art.
1354 H Street

Rock and Roll Hotel: Focus on live music (like a smaller 9:30 Club). The first floor is a straight-up performance space where you can get right up against the band (the stage is truly thisclose to the audience). The upstairs is more loungy and attention was obviously given to decorating the space. There are lots of little rooms where you can sit and drink with friends, or the rooms can be rented out for private parties. Now serving food. The menu offers an assortment of light fare. Plenty of vegan options here. Thursday is Drunken Jenga night, and you can stack -em up and knock 'em down from 8pm-2am. They also host a drunken spelling bee.
1353 H Street


The Star and Shamrock: a Jewish deli inside an Irish pub. Live Irish music Thursdays and Saturdays.
1341 H Street


H Street Country Club: 9 putt-putt holes with a Washington/historical/political theme. A pool hall serving serving Tex-Mex with a kick downstairs and Mexican food upstairs. Chef Teddy Folkman from Granville's created the menu [with consultation by Ann Cashion].
1335 H Street
Originally hailing from Baltimore, this pie shop serves up a variety of sweet and savory offerings, including quiche. They are working on a liquor license.
1339 H Street


The Atlas Performing Arts Center: Live theater, musical performances, and dance. Home of African Continuum Theater Company, Capital City Symphony, and Joy of Motion dance studio. They also have a regular comedy night.
1333 H Street

1200 block
Smith Commons: an upscale bistro with craft cocktails.
1245 H Street
Da Luft* (coming soon): a restaurant serving seafood.
1242 H Street



Dr. Granville Moore's: Belgian beers (four rotating drafts --one is always Stella-- and plenty of bottled brews) and food delight in this two-level tavern. Patio out back. Wednesdays they play the Dead. Serving brunch once a month.
1238 H Street

Atlas Arcade: An old school arcade, but with beer.
1236 H Street
Church and State: An ode to the American craft cocktail.
2nd floor of 1236 H Street

Toki Underground: a dumpling and ramen bar.
1234 H Street (2nd floor)

The Pug -short for the pugilist: A boxing themed bar serving hot dogs and panini, and assorted other bar food. The bottled/canned beer list changes from time to time. A few beers on tap. A short menu of bar food. Also serving a bar brunch on Saturday and Sunday. Now open at noon daily.
1234 H Street
Photo provided by Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice: An Asian restaurant serving sushi, pan-Asian fare, as well as tater-tots. Vegan and vegetarian options. Featuring karaoke, and other events. They serve lunch daily, and lunch and brunch Saturdays and Sundays.
1224 H Street
Vacant 1220 H Street

[Untitled Greek restaurant]: Serving mezze, wine, and dessert late into the night.
1220 H Street


Red Palace: A merger of a Palace of Wonders and the Red and the Black. Live music, freak show stuff, and burlesque. Kitchen opens soon. Back patio.
1210/1212 H Street

Souk (link plays music): a Morrocan restaurant with a liquor license.
1208 H Street
The Queen Vic: A British style pub serving pasties, curries, wild game, and more.
1206 H Street

Philadelphia Water Ice Factory: A carryout with, arguably [argued by someone who knows, not by me], the best Philly cheesesteaks in DC. I've never had one in Philly, but the ones served at the Factory are definitely very tasty. Of course, they serve water ice, burgers, and other fare.
1204 H Street
Untitled hooka bar: From the owners of Souk.
1200 H Street


Horace and Dickie's: The famous fried fish carryout. Try the fish sandwich with hot sauce and you won't believe how much greasy whiting they hand you. They were a runner up for the Best Fried Chicken in the South award from Southern Living a few years back. Carryout only.
809 12th Street [immediately off H]

1100 Block
Khan's: a Mongolian bar-b-q spot with a full bar and outdoor seating.
1125 H Street
The upstair bar at XII [photo provided by XII]

XII Restaurant and Lounge: featuring live and recorded entertainment. Serving classic American food, plus a little extra. They've got a small space downstairs, and a much larger lounge space upstairs. The many windows make for a nice vantage point at night. They have happy hour specials. Sometimes there is a cover. Look for sidewalk seating and a rooftop terrace in the future. Now serving lunch.
1123 H Street

Taylor: an Italian deli. They deliver and are open until 3am Thursday-Saturday.

1116 H Street
Chow* (coming soon): An Asian restaurant. Currently seeking an entertainment endorsement for live bands and a DJ. Occupancy of 99.
1110 H Street

Miss Whiskey's Golden Dollar: a full bar with an impressive bottled beer selection. No drafts. Frequent dj nights upstairs. Cash only, but they have an ATM.
1104 H Street
1000 block
Liberty Tree: a restaurant serving New England fare and brick-oven pizzeria. Outdoor seating.
1016 H Street
The Atlas Room: New American Cuisine with a French twist. The menu changes with the seasons.

Rita's: a water ice, and frozen custard spot.
1014 H Street

800 block

City Gallery: a gallery representing over 20 local painters, sculptors, photographers, engravers, and printmakers.
804 H Street #1

600 block

Hikari sushi* (coming soon): a sushi bar.
644 H Street
500 block
British Ink Tattoo Studio and Gallery: A tattoo parlor and art gallery hosting occasional events.
508 H Street

400 block

The Big Board* (coming soon): a burger and salad joint with a full bar and beers on tap.
421 H Street

Sidamo: An Ethiopian coffee house serving breakfast foods, salads, sandwiches, and soups. Featuring shadegrown organic fair trade coffees roasted in house and a wide variety of teas. Open mornings, afternoons, and evenings, but not nights. Patio out back. Free Wifi.
417 H Street

Dissident Display is located next door. This is just a sign from an event posted on a neighboring building.

Dissident Display: A gallery and performance space hosting occasional events.
416 H Street

Boundary Road* (coming soon): a restaurant serving regional cuisine.
414 H Street

Studio H: a local art gallery.
408A H Street

Ethiopic: an Ethiopian restaurant with outdoor seating.
401 H Street

Did I miss anything?


Anonymous said...

the "bar" replacing the book store at the intersection of 5th and H.

Anonymous said...

Is Sova R&B's replacement? Anything Tryst-like is very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Horace and Dickies?

An ice cream shop was planned for north side of 1300 block. Not sure the status.

Anonymous said...

Continually awesome blog and great post.

Is the coming-soon "Sticky Rice" related to the Sticky Rice restaurant in Richmond (which is, as far as I know, not a chain and only presently operates the one restaurant)? If so, I wil be making many trips over to your neighborhood. I used to live in Richmond and LOVED its Sticky Rice restaurant. It drew a neat/eclectic crowd and served DELICIOUS sushi. I also loved their potstickers.

Washington Cube said...

Good write up and pix.

Anonymous said...

It's still sad to have to include the Ohio from the list...

Anonymous said...

Englert wrote:

Sticky Rice has a definite Richmond connection

Anonymous said...

Awesome, Englert! Sticky Rice in Richmond is uber cool. Hipster dive meets sushi bar, is how I would crudely describe it.

inked said...

Yes, I too am sad about the Ohio. There were a couple of others that had to come down, but luckily, there were many more going up. Perhaps one day soon we'll be able to put up a photo of a diner replacing the original Ohio.

Sean Hennessey said...

terrific post!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Birdland and H. Street Deli? There is also a place on the 1100 block of H Street next to the credit union right across the street from Family Dollar. It looks like they ran out of money while renovating.

inked said...

Birdlad opened & closed, H Street Cafe never opened, and Subterranean appears to be stopped in its tracks.

Anonymous said...

I haven't been to the sticky rice in Richmond, but I can only hope that they'll offer rice wine & beer. :o)

Pagan Marbury said...

Isn't there going to be a live music venue called the Rock and Roll Hotel?

inked said...

Rock & Roll Hotel is open, and it's on the list.

Anonymous said...

Keep these new venues coming H Street! It seems like this corridor is thriving now...but it will be a great mecca in a few years.

Anonymous said...

I'm not certain, but this may be the same Sticky Rice owned by one of the co-owners of H Street's future Sticky Rice:

Place looks pretty sweet. The website has some pictures and the to go menu posted.

Anonymous said...

The Sticky Rice take a way menu looks awesome... I hope that have that element here too. If so, I may be eating sticky rice products, several times a week.

Asian food lover

Anonymous said...

Went by Rib Tip this Sunday morning for brunch at 10:30 but they were closed. I was quite disappointed. Do they only do brunch on Saturdays?

inked said...

Rib Tip's offering isn't so much a brunch as a 6 day a week (no Sundays) breakfast deal (5:30-11:00am).

Anonymous said...

Rib Tip is definately not "brunch". Just a great breakfast such as french toast, bacon & homefries.

They are working on speeding up their service. The owner said that he was caught off guard by the unexpected volume of customers a couple of Saturdays ago,but it won't happen again.

I think that the owner will never open on Sunday because he goes to church then.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on next to the Sprint Store on H Street?

Anonymous said...

I checked it out yesterday. It's called Legal Printing, Inc... they seen to do printing for lawyers (hence the name). Looks like a big reception desk and, of course, a printer in the front area.


Anonymous said...

re. brunch...
Isn't brunch just a synonym for late breakfast? So if you're eating pancakes and waffles at 10:30 a.m., then that's brunch. Therefore, yes, Rib Tip serves brunch.

re. the printer...
Wilson-Epes Printing Company's clients are mostly law firms and the Supreme Court. They were pushed out of Chinablock because of increasing rent and taxes. 9 staff on site. Moving around a couple of million $ in printing equipment ain't cheap, so they should be on the corridor for a while.

Anonymous said...

no, brunch is NOT a synonym for a late breakfast, brunch is a combination of the words "breakfast" and "lunch" and thereby a brunch menu implicitly requires the inclusion of foods that could be eaten for breakfast OR lunch. a restaurant with only a breakfast menu, therefore, would not offer "brunch" b/c said menu would lack traditional "lunch foods". i sigh at the death of the english language. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Silly question, but how safe is the nightlife in H st? My wife and I are moving into the area very soon, hopefully next month, and were wondering if its okay to walk home from these spots late.

inked said...

That depends on who you ask and the location of your home. It is probably best to avoid walking alone (though I've ceratinly walked alone before) and to avoid alleys, or particularly dark streets. Other than that, I think it is generally pretty safe. Right now there is a lot of foot traffic on the 1200 blck of H Street on weekends, so I think that also makes people feel a little safer.

Anonymous said...

Great site! My partner and I bought at 14 and E 3 years ago, and the area has come a long way. We have been to most of the new bars and the theatre, and have had no problem walking home, at least on weekends.

Anonymous said...

john, the owner of sticky rice in richmond, is basically franchising the name and theme rights to who ever is running the place up here. i'm sure it won't be QUITE the same, but the link to the rva restaurant is here

Anonymous said...

My wife and I recently bought near 6th and L Street and curious if anyone could provide us with info. on any future establishments on H Street near the 600 block of H Street, which would make for an easy walk.

inked said...

What you see here is pretty much what's there right now. There are occasional events at two galleries (Dissident Display and British Ink [find the links in the sidebars]), but that's about it for nightlife on that end. I do update this post periodically, to reflect new info. Obviously you've got the yoga studio, art classes (above Sidamo), and the store in the big building near the western corner of the south side of the 400 block.

M&G said...

does anyone know what is being built on the nort side H Street, between 4th and 5th Streetw. Its a 3 story building with a partial rooftop deck, very contemporary looking from the outside. thanks!

Anonymous said...

I got an email regarding the property at 1016 H St...looks like they were applying for fast food? Heard anything about it?


1016 H St NE – Building Permit for a Fast Food Restaurant

The property received building permit #105469 from DCRA to "renovate
an existing building to accommodate a fast food restaurant". However,
a fast food restaurant is only permitted in the H Street NE Zoning
Overlay as a special exception. Given the problems our ANC has had
with fast food restaurants opening without obtaining a necessary
special exception, Dr. Ronneberg thought that the ANC should appeal
the Zoning Administrator' s decision to issue a building permit. Mr.
Tchaka Sapp, the owner of Tropicana Eateries and the lessee of the
building, was at the meeting and claimed that he did not request that
the building permit for a fast food restaurant and that he was going
to be operating a restaurant on the premises. Mr. Sapp said that the
permit was a result of DCRA's error. He claimed that he would be
operating a restaurant with the following characteristics:

1.The restaurant will primarily be an eat-in restaurant where patrons
will be provided tables and chairs.
2.Patrons will place orders and be served at their tables by wait staff .
3.Patrons will be provided with individual menus.
4.Meals will be served on non-disposable plates and silverware.
5.There will be no trash receptacles in eating areas
6.Tables will be bussed by the wait staff
7.The restaurant will have a on-premise dishwasher.

Mr. Sapp said that he would be willing to write a letter to DCRA
asking that the permit be reissued as a restaurant. The committee
thought that this was acceptable because if the certificate of
occupancy was issued for a fast food restaurant, it could be appealed
within the 60 day window.

Recommendation: The ED&Z committee unanimously recommends that the ANC
appeal the building permit for 1016 H St NE to renovate the property
for a fast food restaurant unless the owner of the property writes a
letter to the Zoning Administrator asking that the permit be reissued
to renovate the property as a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

GREAT update! Where do you get all this info.? Please reveal your sources?

inked said...

The info comes from a variety of sources. Some stuff I just see. If someone is working on a building I ask them about it. Other things I read about in ANC 5B, 6A, or 6C stuff. I get emails from area residents and sometimes from employees or owners of businesses. Otherwise it's just general gossip.

Anonymous said...

There's supposedly a bar/restaurant opening at the southwest corner of 6th and H by St. Patrick's Day. Were you not able to find anything out about that?

inked said...

I haven't really had time to poke around there yet. I don't know anything other than what's been left here about it. Do you have more details?

Anonymous said...


Congrats on a really great compilation. It's nice to see it all done up by block - gives a great sense of how much is going on.

Anonymous said...

duck pin bowling? HFS!

Anonymous said...

Someone told me there was a night club (they described it as a "thug club") coming over the Cluck U. Anyone know anything about that?

inked said...

that would be Twelve Restaurant and Lounge, owned by Bernard Gibson, who owns Cluck-U Chicken.

Anonymous said...

I love the new places that are opening. It looks great! Why is the new bar a "thug bar"?

Anonymous said...

what does a bar have to be composed of in order to make it a "thug bar"? I didn't see this adjective when describing any other the other establishments. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what is being built on Bladensburg NE between Yellow Cab & Mt Olivet cemetery

inked said...

I have no idea what would make something a thug bar. Sometimes there are crazy rumors that get started. I recall being told straight-faced that Palace of Wonders was going to be a gay fetish bar that was relocating from the baseball stadium area. I'm sure that Twelve is going to be a very nice place. It looks like Bernard's crew is doing some nice work on the downstairs.

Anonymous said...

I spoke to the new manager for the 12 lounge and restaurant and was allowed a peek inside. it will be a soul food restaurant/lounge downstairs and the upstairs is a huge huge huge bar/vip/stage/dance floor area. The vision is to promote diversity in entertainment. They welcome all venues to perform and of course everyone is welcome. Please don't tell me the "thug" title has anything to do with race. Are we not so far beyond that???

Anonymous said...

Hey all! My boyfriend and I just bought a house on Florida Ave. We are from the Philly area and have NO clue what's good around this area as far as eating, drinkin, etc..I am having a bunch of people over for my 24th b-day on Saturday night and I don't know where to take my visitors. We are a little bit wild when drinking and like to dance. I don't want to travel more than like 2 miles. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Have lived next to H Street since 1989 and am absolutely THRILLED to have Granville Moore's in the neighborhood. Our family (kiddies included) took friends from Shaw to dinner there last night. They were extremely impressed. The place seems to have really gotten its act together--the food, drinks and service were great. (Last time we went the light over our table was out and the music was so loud we had to scream the entire evening.) I am also very thankful that they now take reservations. Hope more places of this caliber begin to populate the street. The generally lousy affordable restaurants on the other side of the Hill should be given a run for their money.

Unknown said...

Any updates on the progress of H Street Country Club? I know Mr. Englert posts here now and again. Also, where did you hear about the duckpin and pizza/bocce/garage places? Seems like a lot of work would have to go into those spaces to get such things started...

Anonymous said...

Are there any plans for other retail establishments besides late night eateries? For those of us who live nearby, it would be nice to see things coming to H street which would require daylight use.Not unlike Adams Morgan which at one time had interesting shops it too has become an urban hip foodcourt.

inked said...

Not every place on this list is a late night spot. This particular list is only for food and drink/theater/art/music spots where you can hang out.

Anonymous said...

I over heard two guys talking about their premit process in front of 1116 H Street. When I inquired they said they are opening up a Gourmet Italian Deli and Market that does delivery. The space looked cool when I peaked in. Could be a great addition!

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure how seriously you take reviewing food. Upon your glowing review of ANM deli I went in and ordered two sandwiches. They were the worst sanwiches I've had since, well ever. Heating up bagged meatballs and putting them on bread doesn't even qualify as food. 7-11 is more "gourmet"

inked said...

Anon 1213,
I've never ordered the meatball sandwich. I've since heard it isn't great at ANM. The sandwiches I always get there are good. I believe I typically order either the tuna, or the corned beef. I recommend those.

inked said...

Anon 1213,
I do actually take the reviewing relatively seriously, so I appreciate the feedback about that sandwich. I promise the ones I had have been very good [but it you get the marinated onions it can make the tuna slightly soggy], so I hope you'll give ANM another shot. Maybe they should consider pulling the meatball sandwich if it is dragging them down.

Anonymous said...

Any way we can get an update for this?

inked said...

There's a partial update. I'll do a more complete one when time allows. It is more time consuming than it appears.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what is going on next to AutoZone (on the west side) around 12th and H? I have seen crews bringing out wheel barrels of dirt and concrete. Looks like they are gutting it...

FTrocks said...

Inked- would you be able to do another update with your juicy info? Thanks!!

Unknown said...

I'm very saddened by some news I heard last night, Napa 1015 is closing it's doors this October 24th after their dinner service due to lack of business. They will continue to offer catering services out of their Logan Circle facility under their catering name, Napa Valley Caterers. Please support Napa 1015 and Napa Valley Caterers. Thanks.

H Street Great Street said...

This is a really fantastic resource. You should find a way to feature it more prominently, so that folks can make better use of it as a guide to the area. Thanks for putting it together and for keeping it up to date!

Anonymous said...

ANM is closed, isn't it?

lacochran said...

Great list! Thanks for doing this. I really like the H Street Martini Lounge--great people. (And I have no affiliation, I'm just appreciative!)

Anonymous said...

Great job! Two comments: 1) Are you sure Souk and Philly Water Ice have the same address? 2) Haven't you also posted about the renovation going on at the former Tropicana site (1000 block of H St)? I think I remember reading that someone who owns a bar in Capitol Hill is opening a wood fire oven pizza joint there.

Tom A. said...

Oh wow. I was about a third way through the comments on this post before realizing it was originally from nearly 3 years ago!!

I was wondering why people were asking such odd questions, especially about Sticky Rice!

Anonymous said...

There is some kind of construction going on inside of the the bar that was at 5th and H. Does anyone know what's going on?

Jordan said...

I think you missed the new Dumpling bar going in above the Pug. I believe it is going to be called "Toki Underground" and Rita's Italian Ice.

Anonymous said...

Star and Shamrock is actually 1341 H Street.

Sugar Soul Food said...

"Sugar Soul Food" wants to thank Frozen tropics for the post, We appreciate the support from the neighborhood. We have seen great support from all of the surrounding areas Brookland, Trinidad, Ivy City, Event Capital hill....

Chris in Eckington said...

Any update on when the German place is going to open? I thought they were shooting for New Year's, but haven't seen anything about it recently.

Anonymous said...

What's going on with the ramen noodle restaurant are they still coming to H St. I would love a Thai and Indian restaurant as well.

ALPHONSO said...

Does anyplace do poetry readings?

inked said...

I'm not aware of any regular poetry reading events.

Anonymous said...

where is the fruit bat and atlas room? what about the new sports bar?

Anonymous said...

I think that Mongolian BBQ place is going into 1126 H, What about that place Drew? Is Smith and Commons a replacement for that?

MIke said...

I like that Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club has late lunch pizza. It's always hard to find places to eat at night time.