Monday, April 16, 2007

Market Tour Saturday

Photo by Ken Firestone (used with permission, all rights reserved).
Join us (there will be three of us this time: Richard Layman, Ken Firestone, and me) for a tour of the Florida Market on Saturday. This is an abbreviated version of the normal tour (neighborhood residents may want to wait our summer tours because this one will be crowded and we won't be going into lots of the places, but instead just pointing them out due to the size of the anticipated crowd) because it is part of the Cultural Tourism DC tour day. Here are the details:
Saturday (April 21st) 9 – 11 am
Meet outside the north entrance of New York Avenue Metro station (exit to Florida Avenue).
The other reason that neighborhood residents might want to wait is because during the normal tours we get to chat a lot more about the Market than I suspect will be possible this Saturday (and sometimes we walk around and take photos if people so wish). But, this is a good opportunity if you just want a quickie.


Anonymous said...

When are your summer tours? I was initially thinking of going on this one, but now I might use the time slot to catch another walk if you will offer more in depth tours during the summer.

inked said...

We haven't set a schedule yet, but I think we'll probably be doing at least one a month.

Richard Layman said...

it's very important to start by eating Korean food. But that's the only substantive difference in tours...