Friday, October 19, 2007

Neighbors Checklist?

Rebuilding Place has a link to an interesting checklist of things the Neighbor's Project think people should do. What do you think of this list? Modifications/additions/deletions?


Anonymous said...

- Secure abandoned buildings

YL said...

I appreciate the spirit of this checklist (love the "tip safe cab drivers" one), but some of the items are woefully ill-adivsed:

- Jog in the street? Really? Would the author advise his/her children to do that?

- While I appreciate the generousity behind starting an open wifi netowrk on your street or building, such a scheme is usually in violation of your ISP's terms of use (subjecting you to risk of fines or worse) and anyway is a serious security risk for users.

- A lot of people would love to keep their mortgages in the 'hood, but (1) all banks sell mortgages faster than you can sign the papers, and (2) some of the most notorious sub-prime lenders are local.

Otehr than those 3, I like the list.

Anonymous said...

Meh. It's a little preachy.
"Get rid of your car if you have one, unless you have a very, very good reason for keeping it." My reason for keeping my car is that I enjoy driving. Not everybody lives downtown. And yes, I use public transportation.

"Run for political office."
Really? everybody needs to run?

Those are a couple for me. there's a lot more