Tuesday, March 04, 2008

SOVA's Wine and Beer List

Here is SOVA's starting line-up for the wine bar that will open on Monday. They will have food as well, but that won't be for about another month because they need to purchase some additional refrigeration equipment and work out a few details.

R Wines (Barossa Valley, Austrailia ) Pure Evil Chardonnay 2005
R Wines (Barossa Valley, Austrailia) Evil Cabernet Sauvignon 2005
Rudolf Muller (Mosel, Germany) Riesling Kabinett 2005
Colosi (Sicily,Italy) Sicilia Rosso 2005
Altos de la Hoya (Valencia area, Spain) Monastrell 2006
Lurton Araucano (Colchagua, Chile) Sauvignon Blanc 2007
Bodegas Emina (Ribera De Duero, Spain) Tempranillo 2005
Valle Escondido (Argentina) Malbec 2005
Huber (Hugo, Austria) Gruner Veltliner 2006
Lawson's (Marlborough, New Zealand) Gewurztraminer 2005
La Sera (Piedmont, Italy) Red Malvasia di Casorzo 2007
Starry Night (Lodi, California) Zinfandel 2006
Monarchia Vylyan (Villany, Hungary) Mini Evolution (Bordeaux Blend) 2004
Keesha (Matra, Hungary) Pinot Grigio 2005
Burgundy Hills (Burgundy, France) Pinot Noir 2006
Mulderbosch (Stellenbosch, South Africa) Chenin Blanc 2007

Delirium, Tremens, Strong Pale Ale (Brouwerij, Belgium)
Chimay, Blue Grand Reserve, Strong Dark Ale (Notre Dame Abbey of Scourmont, Belgium)
Morland, Old Speckled Hen English Fine Ale (Suffolk, England)
Bells, Kalamazoo Stout (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
Victory, Prima Pils, German Pilsner (Downington, Pennsylvania)
Brooklyn, Pennant Ale, American Pale Ale (NYC)
Rogue, Chocolate Stout (22 oz bottle) (Newport, Oregon)
Bear Republic, Racer 5, India Pale Ale (Sonoma, California)
Lagunitas, Czech Style Pilsner (Petaluma, California)
North Coast, Old Rasputin, Russian Imperial Stout (Mendocino, California)


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Sova.

I can't help thinking how much wine/beer lists have evolved in the past 20 years. When I worked in the business, American wine lists were populated solely by wines from California, France, Italy and an occasional Spaniard or two. Now wines (and many good wines) are coming in from every corner of the globe.

The list looks interesting (though largely unknown to me). Are these available by glass/bottle/both?

p.s. Beer list rocks -- save me an Old Speckled Hen.

Anonymous said...

K.G. and all,

We'll be selling wine by the glass and the 1/2 litre carafe. Based on a 5 ounce pour per glass, a 1/2 litre (16.9 ounces) carafe/bottle will yield just over 3 glasses of wine. Just enough to share, or relax and drink over time. There's a couple reasons we're doing it this way, and not selling full bottles. The biggest reason is, we don't currently have the necessary space built out to store several different bottles of wine at the right serving temperature. We do however have a wine preservation system (Winekeeper) that allows us to keep at least two bottles of each wine at the correct serving temp. Over time, this may change. But for now, enjoy.

Frank from SOVA

Anonymous said...

Oh, and let me also say that the eclectic wine list is done on purpose. You'll notice that the Pinot Grigio we're starting out with comes from Hungary and not Italy. As you so correctly pointed out, so many wine bars have wine list that look very similar to each other when it comes to the geographic regions their wines come from. I intentionally wanted to offer a broad selection of wines from different regions so that the average wine drinker can take off the blinders and try different grape varietals from regions they may not be associate as being wine growing regions. Also, since it's by the glass, I believe people will tend to be more willing to try something new by the glass, verses buying a bottle and being disappointed. Over time, we'll have wines from many more regions to include Greece, Lebanon, and even more domestic and local wines.

Frank from SOVA

Unknown said...

No food for another month? Will they have some little snacks (e.g. pretzels, chips etc.) for us to nosh on in the meantime with our booze? :)

Anonymous said...

What the hell, no miller light?! Only lame-o losers would drink the beer this place serves.

CosmoChica said...

Oh how we miss Sova and H St! We moved to Thailand almost 3 months ago from our lovely abode at 13th I. It sounds like everything is moving along nicely!

inked said...

Last night was the first time they had the wine bar open. There was a good crowd and things ran smoothly. All in all I'd call it a great success.