Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Habitat Event @ Pug

Here's the flyer
Habitat Pug Event


Anonymous said...

Hello neighbors,
I'm in the process of starting a neighborhood flea market at the corner 3rd I.The lot is a nice (not to big or small).Is this something that the neighboorhood would support? If this goes as planned ,perhaps teaming with the farmers market could be great for the neighborhood.Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Joe Englert:

Dear Anonymous:

Margaret Holliwell is going to be starting a Flea Market at the vacant lots right across the street from the Rock and Roll Hotel--called Uneeda Market. Applications are in to the city. Why don't you team up with her?

Email me so I can get you guys together...


joe-is-ok-not-great said...

hey, joe.

let us have some of our own stuff on this end of H street. i know you want to compile everything on "your" side of H, but we need some "goin's on" over here too.

your entrepreneurialism is congratulated, but please don't turn H street into your little fiefdom. people are learning from your example. don't quash it, by trying to incorporate valiant efforts 11 blocks away.

i support the market at 3rd and I, and have a bunch of stuff to contribute. if you "go with joe", i'll have nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

Less than Average Joe Englert said:

Whoa..........I have nothing to do with the market. I was just seeing if you wanted to team up with someone with alot of momentum on a very similar project. The landlord is already donating the space. I wish you all the luck in the world though and hope the flea works.

Again, Good luck

Anonymous said...

Sheesh. Some of the people that post here are so ridiculous. Joe was just trying to be helpful. Keep up the good work Joe!

Anonymous said...

The underlining theme that everyone keeps forgetting is that Joe is not a bad guy....he is a businessman. He is not motivated by doing bad things but he is motivated by money. Keeping everything down on that side of HstNE is good for his businesses.