Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carjacking Follow-Up Meeting

Here's info about a meeting to discuss the rash of carjackings that has plagued portions of Capitol Hill:

Dear ANC 6A Community,

Many of you came to a meeting last December regarding the large, sudden uptick in armed carjackings in our area at which DC Police Chief Lanier provided info regarding the crimes and took responsibility for putting a plan in place to resolve the problem. She agreed to provide an update on the success of their strategy within six weeks. This update has been scheduled for Thursday, Feb 4, 6:30-7:30.

Chief Lanier will describe the measures that MPD has implemented, and how they are working. She will bring the team for this area, Commander Kamperin, and new PSA 103 Lt. Mark Saunders. Representatives of the Mayor's office will also be present. Councilmember Wells is co-hosting this meeting.

I have heard positive remarks about the MPD coverage that our area is receiving. Whether you agree or not, MPD needs to hear from you.

Mary Beatty
ANC 6A05 Commissioner

Thursday, Feb 4, 6:30-7:30
Options School
1375 E Street Northeast


marybindc said...

We certainly are getting a lot of MPD coverage in the area of E St between 12th and 14th, it's almost a traffic jam of cops. Nonetheless, there have been 4 carjackings in the month since that meeting. Whatever MPD is doing, and I appreciate their presence, it's not working.

12&f said...

Agree with Marybindc.

Not sure how "Chief Lanier will describe the measures...and how they are working" because theyre not.

Anonymous said...

marybindc, i may be wrong but i think there have been more than 4 since the meeting. there were just 2 outside of my house at 15th and e in the past 2 weeks. i don't think we hear about all of them.

Mark Paris said...

There seems to have been a lot of activity for the past few days in the area of 13th SE for a couple of blocks surrounding C to E Sts. Does anyone know the details of any incidents?

Also -- is anyone keeping a record of the total number of carjackings, when they happened, descriptions of the perpetrators, and their methods? That would be one heck of a useful reference to have online when talking to law enforcement and protecting oneself and one's family.