Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winner, Winner...Chicken Dinner

The Argonaut launches family style southern fried chicken night every Thursday. Details below:

3 for $6 6 for $10 9 for $15 12 for $20
24 for $30

Mix and match your sides
Small sides $3 or large sides $5

Mac and cheese, greens, mashed potatoes, coleslaw, red beans and rice, baked beans, and mixed veggies.
Picture 4
*1433 H street NE Washington DC 20002*202-397-1416**


charles said...

This is a great idea, Mr. Henry's is always packed on Fridays when they have fried chicken.

Scott Magnuson said...

I will have to check it out. I've never been to Mr. Henrys on a Friday. I am also planing on doing some other set specials durring the week. maybe meatloaf?

Anonymous said...

I love meat loaf....with agrotian potatoes a southern favorite .

Tom A. said...

Save clucky!!!!!

Anonymous said...

At what time will the chicken will ready to serve? Meat loaf is good idea too.

jamie said...


Any chance of working with the kitchen to keep it under an hour from when the food is ordered to when it is served? That's my biggest reason for not returning to the Argo after a couple of these experiences.

npm said...

Sorry for my ignorance, but 3 of what for $6 mean?

the poo adds spice said...

any chance of buffalo meatloaf? if so, i'd be there!

Scott Magnuson said...

I am very sorry to hear that you have experienced a wait that long on your food. Did you ask for a manager or me? That kind of wait time is unexcusable. My kitchen works as hard as any kitchen I have ever worked with. Please ask for me or talk to the bartender if im not around.



scott magnuson said...

Poo Just ask for your loaf tossed in sauce!

Argo opens at 5. we will be ready to go at 5


Anonymous said...

Isn't it amazing when a black establishment sells friend chicken it's considered "ghetto", but when a non-black establishment does so, it's so "cool and new and hip and exciting!!". AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

12:02 - I think it has more to do with the expectation of friendly, timely service (Cluck U) the lack of florescent lighting and bullet proof (Good Danny's, etc) and the assumption they are working out of a relatively clean kitchen.

Anonymous said...

I completely concur with 8:17. Try serving fried chicken at a sit down restaurant and not a fast food joint or in a bar and maybe the public response would be more positive. This has nothing to do with black or white ownership. It has to do with good food, cooked in a clean kitchen, and served in a pleasant environment. And the same can be said for the watermelon served for dessert.

Anonymous said...

Wait, when did Fried Chicken become declared a "black food?"

This gringo farm boy has been chugging down fried chicken for years. Hell, I had fried chicken for 16 years before my first encounter with an african american.

I know only associate fried chicken with "ghetto" when I see the bones strewn about the sidewalks by inconsiderate people of unknown race.

jamie said...


Thanks for the reply. The first time, we couldn't find anyone to discuss it with, and when we asked Simon (former Argo waiter, think he moved back to Ireland) he simply said that there were two people in the kitchen and the place was full. The second time you were there, but we saw you pull in with your red Jeep well after we had ordered and by that time, the food had started trickling out. Several tables were experiencing the same issue we were.

The menu is good, so if the service is improving, I'd love to check it out again.

Keren said...

Simon's been gone for over a year. Try giving the argonaut another chance. The service has greatly improved.

charles said...

Scott I think meatloaf is also a winner. Really I believe you would do good business with any kind of comfort food like meatloaf, potroast, fried chicken. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"when we asked Simon (former Argo waiter, think he moved back to Ireland) he simply said that there were two people in the kitchen and the place was full."

customers HATE that kind of response in reaction to raising a concern. you have reduced staff? does that mean i get a reduced price for reduced quality of experience? it is mostly irritating when it is reactive instead of told up front.

if you're told up front, then the customer can set expectations and not receive a bait and switch, assuming they will get full service and then not.

Like on inauguration day, i believe, there was a fire in the kitchen. Right away our waitress told us the situation and about the limited menu. The food that was available was delicious, we knew up front about the problems they were having, and we could have some empathy for our obviously overwhelmed waitress.

sorry for my rant.

12&f said...

I gotta agree w/ the yelpers: I'm never sure what I'm going to get (service, food, etc).

The previous comment about the service and time is spot-on. I can't stand to have mediocre service **and** wait forever for food. Even getting a meal of just fried food (e.g.: ale battered cod & fries) takes 20 minutes.

12&f said...

And I forgot: please stop calling your barbeque sandwich Carolina style. I'm from the Carolinas, and the barbeque sandwich, while ok, is certainly NOT Carolina style. It really ruins customer perception when you are given something completely different than you're expecting.

Cheese w/your whine? said...


I have a pair of pliers you can borrow if you wanna remove that sick from your a$$.

Lighten up! How tightly wound are you that you simply can't bear to have "mediocre" service, and get all flustered by what you deem to be a ill-fitting name for a freakin' bbq sandwich?

The Argonaut is exactly what it purports to be - a local, neighborhood bar/restaurant, with good food, drinks and atmosphere. If it vexes you so, please feel free to stay home and let the rest of us enjoy it.

jamie said...

Why is it that every time anyone has a criticism of any of the H Street establishments, there is always some amen corner of cheerleaders who decide that people should either take what they get or shut up and just not go anymore, like our friend "Cheese w/ your whine"?

12&f said...

@Cheese & whine: I apologize as you're absolutely correct. I meant "poor" instead of "mediocre." Again, my apologies.

You have brought up another good point though- attitude/atmosphere. I live about 3-4 blocks away from argo and would really love a local neighborhood place sans the attitude you've displayed.

Unknown said...

Whew, I'm always surprised at how angry the comments are on here sometimes. Please relax people.

Anyway, Scott, great idea to do the fried chicken dinner! I couldn't make it yesterday but look forward to checking it out next week. And ever since you guys opened I feel like you guys have epitomized the best of H st: a warm, friendly place with good food, cheap beer and no attitude. Keep up the good work!

Whiney Cheesballs said...


Wow, for someone brought to e-fits because of the name of a bbq sandwich, that's a bold move to call out someone for "attitude" problems.


What you see as "cheerleading" for H Street establishements, I would characterize as defending our local businesses against ridiculous bloggy attacks.

noreaster said...

My girlfriend and I went last night and fell in love with the fried chicken. The chicken was full of flavor, hot from the fryer, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside... really perfectly cooked. Best tasting fried chicken we have in a long time. We ordered a six piece meal and two small sides, which was more than enough for us, with two pieces to bring home. Plus our service was excellent and the food came out within 10 minutes of ordering. We will definitely be Thurs night regulars.

The only suggestion we would have is to bring your own wet-naps!

bbq maven said...

I think the complaint about the sandwich name is because "Carolina-style bbq" actually has a very specific meaning. The poster (12&F) claims it's not Carolina-style bbq; if he/she is correct, it's equivalent to having a BLT on the menu, and serving it with bacon, lettuce, and zucchini -- but no tomato.

That said, I've never ordered the sandwich, so I dunno whether 12&F's claim that it's not Carolina-style bbq is actually correct. I've been scared away, since I'm not a fan of Carolina-style bbq; so if it turns out to be some other sort of bbq, that's actually a plus in my book.