Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tommy Wells Streetcar Tour

From Tommy Wells' website:

Tommy to Host Special Tour of DC Streetcars

Written by Charles Allen
Monday, 03 May 2010

DDOT's Streetcar LogoThis Friday, May 7, 2010, Councilmember Tommy Wells will join business leaders, ANC Commissioners, neighbors and advocates for a special tour of one of the District’s streetcars bound for the H Street Corridor and currently on display to the public.

“Streetcars represent the next generation of public transportation,” stated Wells. “Our Metro system, as wonderful as it is, was designed to move people in and out of the city. Streetcars are about connecting neighborhoods. I’m excited to join neighbors and others to get on board the streetcar and get a feel for what soon will be riding the rails on H Street and Benning Road.”

Councilmember Wells is organizing an exciting evening to celebrate not only the unveiling of the streetcar, but also the H Street Corridor and its wonderful small businesses.


4:00 pm – The Old Town Trolley will depart Atlas Performing Arts Center (1333 H Street, NE) for the site of the DDOT streetcar downtown display. The Trolley will make regular shuttle trips between the sites approximately every 30 minutes. The H Street Shuttle will complement the Trolley service when it begins its regular daily service at 5 pm.

5:00 pm – Last Trolley departure from the Atlas before streetcar tour begins.

5:30 pm – Councilmember Wells will lead neighbors and leaders on a special tour of the District’s streetcar on display downtown at City Center DC (Lot B, 9th & H Street, NW).

6:30 pm – Councilmember Wells and neighbors will board the last trolley departing downtown for the return trip to the Atlas and a happy hour celebration at SOVA Espresso and Wine (1359 H Street NE).

7:00 pm – Councilmember Tommy Wells and other invited Councilmembers will address streetcar supporters.

Other modes of transportation to the destinations:

The Downtown Streetcar Exhibit will be located on Lot B of Center City DC. The public entrance is located at 9th and H Street, NW. In addition to the Trolley and H Street Shuttle, the site is easily accessible from the Gallery Place Metro Station on the Green and Yellow lines.

The Atlas Performing Arts Center and SOVA Espresso & Wine are both located on the 1300 block of H Street, NE – 1333 and 1359 H Street NE respectively. Take the X2 east or west bound on H Street. Take the 90 or 92 north or south bound to 8th and H Street, NE – either walk 4 blocks east or transfer to the X2.


andrew said...

Well, that's interesting. I was 99% certain that the streetcars currently owned by the district were destined for the Anacostia line.

Rick said...

Glad to see streetcars moving forward.

On a more immediate front, is anyone following the progress of the proposed X9 express bus route?

See here http://www.metrobus-benning-h-dc.com/

"Introduction of Metro Express X9 limited-stop service (peak period only)"

And lower map here http://www.metrobus-benning-h-dc.com/benning_map.htm

This seems to me to be exactly what we need.

rick said...


See here

and here

Dave B said...

Please let that X9 happen. My past few rides have been especially crackheady. I'm hoping crackheads won't walk more than a few blocks to get on an express. They might also not realize the X9 is a better X2 for a few years.

ro said...

You really underestimate crackheads.

Dave B said...

Was it Dave Chappelle who likened them to weeble people or those kids punching bags that get knocked down and bounce back up?

If you are referring to their awareness of the X9, yeah, if there was a quicker way to get to a fix, they'd probably know right away.

They should also make the X9 smarttrip only so people can't take a minute putting in crinkled dollars and nickels

ro said...

i like to imagine how 50 years from now i can regale my grandchildren with my misadventures on the X2 back in the wild aughts. from the time the guy lit a crack pipe aboard the bus to the time a guy who who had to go so bad he peed in a bottle. and nothing quite makes you take stock of your life than a homeless woman who sits down besides you and starts rubbing your crotch without so much as a hello. memories...