Thursday, August 19, 2010

H's Headed for Hyattsville

H Street Friends, originally uploaded by AWard Tour. Share your photos with the Frozen Tropics Flickr pool.

It's not to late to get your own "H" planter from the the Corridor. H's are free, but there is a delivery fee.  If you can't accept an H, and later find yourself missing them you can always head out to Hyattsville. The city is adopting a bunch of the H's for its arts district. Read more about the move. Call 202-518-6195 if you would like to adopt an H for your home or business.


Apparently DC Greenworks is no longer talking about the delivery option. Be warned, you will probably need about three friends to help you if you intend to move one of these. They are quite heavy (it sure feels like a lot more than 200 pounds).


charles said...

Those would have looked good in Hubert Horatio Humphrey's campaign.

Otherwise, make a bonfire.

Chris in Eckington said...

Or Hash House Harriers, if they had a HQ in DC.

Anonymous said...

international interrogators incorporated.

Genghis Ken said...

on on

DC Greenworks said...

The H's are available for adoption at no cost. They can be found on H Street NE between 4th and 14th Streets. There are currently no plans for a delivery option.

To move the planters, remove half of the dirt, move the planter a couple feet onto the sidewalk, and dump the remainder of the dirt into the planter box. The H's weigh approximately 200 pounds when empty, and are 4 feet wide, 3 feet high, and 20 inches deep.

RPW said...

Just to be clear, you are instructing people who would like a planter to take existing ones off the sidewalk?

inked said...

That's the message. They do have a dolly that you can borrow.

not on parker said...

Praise the Lord. Those things are awful.