Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kathy Henderson Issues Really Bizarre Press Release

In further evidence that Ward 5 Council candidate Kathy Henderson is perhaps a bit off her rocker she has issued a really strange press release that you really must read in its entirety. For those who missed it, Kathy Henderson was caught on film stealing Harry Thomas and Kwame Brown campaign signs from the Capital City Diner. Because she stole a Harry Thomas banner valued at $250 she could face a second degree theft charge. Second degree theft is punishable by a fine up to $1,000, and up to 180 days in jail.  At this point she's also created several causes of action for libel.


September 7, 2010, 2010 Phone: (202) 556-5823

Candidate Denounces Campaign Trickery

(Washington, DC) – The Committee to Elect Kathy Henderson for the Ward 5 City Council seat strongly denounces the false information unscrupulously disseminated to the public by Matt Ashburn. Mr. Ashburn, an embattled owner of the Capital City Diner falsely claimed that Ward 5 City Council candidate Kathy Henderson removed his campaign signs and replaced them without his permission. Kathy Henderson strongly denounces the false claim, which she believes was fabricated to sabotage her effort to unseat incumbent Ward 5 Councilmember Harry Thomas Jr.

The facts in this matter indicate that Kathy Henderson visited the Capital City Diner on September 5, 2010 at approximately 4:00 p.m. to distribute flyers advertising an open house at 1643 L Street, NE. Ms. Henderson engaged in a conversation with Mr. Ashburn regarding a variety of issues including his need for financial assistance to keep his business afloat. Mr. Ashburn hoped Mayor Fenty would visit his business to boost sales.

During the approximately thirty-minute conversation Ms. Henderson asked Mr. Ashburn what assistance Councilmember Thomas had provided and why he displayed his campaign posters? Mr. Ashburn replied, “…I felt sorry for him and did not want to say no”. As the conversation concluded Mr. Ashburn asked Ms. Henderson to remove the signs and replace them with Mayor Fenty’s signs. Mr. Ashburn also asked Ms. Henderson to post her campaign signs in front of the Diner; Ms. Henderson did not post her signs at the Diner because she did not have them with her at the time.

At some point after Ms. Henderson left the Diner Matt Ashburn contacted Councilmember Thomas and together they devised a scheme to accuse Ms. Henderson of removing the signs without permission. The two then knowingly filed a false police report with the Fifth District Police headquarters. Ms. Henderson believes Mr. Thomas and Mr. Ashburn knowingly fabricated the incident and filed a false police report to undermine her candidacy for the Ward 5 City Council seat. “I don’t know what Mr. Ashburn may have been paid or offered in exchange for participating in this deceitful scheme. I look forward to a thorough investigation of this matter, which will prove that I did nothing wrong”. Ms. Henderson remains optimistic and looks forward to sharing her vision for moving Ward 5 forward with all of the voters of her ward.


nonnynonny said...

With each telling her version gets a bit more grand. I expect the next one to say "Impoverished dive owner Matt Ashburn was begging for change in the streets, and grabbed Ms. Henderson, not letting her leave until every sign in her possession was posted at his failing restaurant, in the hopes that it might save his fractured business and personal relationships. Ms. Henderson, always happy to help new business in her Ward, courteously complied."

Anonymous said...

I really don't care who's at fault with these campaign signs. Kathy has been an incredible asset to my neighborhood. She has single handedly removed drug dealers and problematic tennants on her block and has made it safer for us to walk around in our neighborhood. If not for her I probably would have moved out of the neighborhood years ago.

anon 3:31 said...

Wow, w/ that press release I really hope she has some evidence to back up the accusations of conspiracy, or it's going to be a short court case.

I used to have a grudging respect for her w/ all the court watch work, however this type of behavior from someone who wants to hold public office is unacceptable.

djbays said...

Anon 12:00 said: "single handedly removed drug dealers and problematic tennants" -- so you are saying she doesn't play well with others??

Based on my experience with her, I would not want her to be my neighbor let alone someone empowered to represent my views.

Shenanigans said...

Perhaps we should have all our local politicians undergo a mental evaluation prior to being allowed to run for office.

Anonymous said...

she only represents herself. not the community, not the businesses, not the homeowners or renters.

She repeatedly tries to squash any attempt to help the community. Like others have said, I respect 'court watch' and what it has done. but 1 accomplishment does not overshadow years of shady dealings and impeding community growth.

Matt Ashburn said...

Up until this point, I haven't publicly responded to Ms. Henderson's defamatory statements, as I don't want to lend any amount of credence to her meritless claims. I do not intend to engage in public debate on this issue, as it's clear to most everyone that Ms. Henderson's claims are without merit and serve no positive purpose.

The theft occurred at the end of one of the highest-grossing weekends at the diner, and we're very much encouraged by last week's publicity of the Bladensburg Rd community and Capital City Diner in particular, featuring the diner on the front page of the Washington Post.

Tonight's our $8.95 steak dinner night, which is complete with a house salad of mesclun spring mix greens, baked potato, and a 10oz NY Strip steak cut fresh this morning, with $1 off the beer of your choice. Tomorrow night is our PBR burger night, with $2.50 PBR bottles with the purchase of a fresh-made 1/3-lb angus burger. I hope that you'll join us, and your other neighbors, for a good meal at an affordable price.

As always, thanks to everyone for your overwhelming support, and we look forward to being proud to be a part of this neighborhood for years to come.


Capital City Diner
1050 Bladensburg Rd NE

IMGoph said...

kathy henderson, marion barry, leroy thorpe.

all have done a good thing or two for their communities, which have been overshadowed by their divisive, self-destructive egos.

Anonymous said...

Her webpage says she's 5D Citizens Advisory Council Civilian of the Year 2009. Please say thats not real and the police don't condone her actions.

Dave B said...

A) I think we really should embrace this "embattled" thing. No shit, Matt Ashburn is embattled. She started the effing battle.

B) I liked this floating quote:

“I don’t know what Mr. Ashburn may have been paid or offered in exchange for participating in this deceitful scheme. I look forward to a thorough investigation of this matter, which will prove that I did nothing wrong”.

It isnt attributed to anybody. Who said it?

Worst. Press. Release. Ever. Or. Maybe. Best. Because. It. Is. So. Nuts

Anonymous said...

Does Kathy Henderson still wear that mink coat that's patched together with string and duct tape?

Anonymous said...

Kathy Henderson is a complete idiot. She got caught doing something wrong, and rather than fess up and act with some dignity, she throws mud.

The woman needs to take a good, hard look in the mirror and see the shameful waste she really is.

Anonymous said...

She done gone flipped her weave!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious. thank you for sharing

oboe said...

Kathy Henderson was in bed with me at the time!

No wait! She was pulling those signs up because they were printed using carcinogenic paint--won't someone think of the children??

Or, erm....would you believe it was actually Thomas who asked her to take down those signs, after he heard the Diner's bathrooms weren't sparkly clean, and didn't want to tarnish his campaign via association?

In any case, she's going to take some time off work and spend as long as it takes trying to find the "real killers", I mean "sign rustlers."

That's a hot mug of crazy right there...