Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plant Swap at Ludlow Taylor

Here's a little info about an upcoming event where you can meet follow plant enthusiasts, and trade in your stuff:

Divide your bulbs, and plant new ones for spring blooms

Fall is a great time to divide your perennials, bulbs, and other spreading plants! Join us for the Ludlow Taylor Elementary School Plant Swap to exchange your plants with other gardeners. Bring your divided plants in containers (like old nursery pots, milk jugs, etc.) to the school to donate to the pool. For however many items you bring you will get a chance to pick from the pool in a round robin-style lottery.

This free event will be on Saturday, October 16th at 10am in front of the 7th Street entrance of Ludlow Taylor Elementary School. The address is 659 G Street.


Anonymous said...

How does this work in practice? Do most people bring mature plants or small ones?

mominthehood said...

Usually people bring plants from their garden that have spread. For example, a Hosta is type of plant that will grow big enough that you can dig it up and split it up in to several plants. You can replant them elsewhere in your garden or swap them with others to get more variety in your garden without spending a dime. I have heard of people bringing seedlings too.