Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sing-A-Long Ticket Swap?

I'm looking to see if anyone with tickets to the 3:30 concert this Sunday would be willing to swap for tickets I have for the 7:00 concert. By the way, did you get tickets, or are you interested in joining my group?:

Hi, I have up to 8 tickets available for the 7:00 PM concert at the Atlas this Sunday, but I cannot attend the later concert. Is there anyone with tickets to the earlier concert who would be willing to swap for tickets to the later concert? I can "sweeten the deal" if necessary - for example, I'll swap 4 tickets to the later concert in exchange for 3 tickets to the earlier concert (or 8 tickets in exchange for 6, etc.). If interested, please contact me directly at healey.j[at] to let me know how many tickets you can give me and how many you would like for the evening concert.


Tom A. said...


About 20% of tickets holders don't show up. You'll probably be ok to attend either show. Just show up even if you don't have official tickets.

I sang the past two years, and was disheartened at the large number of empty seats all all the shows, despite all of them being sold out. We all told a lot of people to not bother trying to get in. I won't make that mistake again!

John said...

Thanks Tom! See you on Sunday?

Tom A. said...

No, I'm not singing this year!