Sunday, December 05, 2010

Tacos, Glorious Tacos!

tres tacos, originally uploaded by pheezy.

If you read this blog with any regularity you already know of my taco obsession. Well, I recently learned of a new entrant onto the local taco scene. It launches tomorrow, and I'm totally psyched. If you want to try the tacos, head over to 1208 1204 H Street (these guys are subleasing from Philadelphia Water Ice during the off months), and order from the window. I believe they are launching with beef and pork tacos, and MAYBE quesadillas. With all the local tacos popping up, is it time for a taco taste off?

Other local taco sources (east to west):

-Argonaut: fish tacos (currently Tuesdays only);
-H Street County Club: chicken, pork, steak, fish, shrimp, or veggie, with discounts every Wednesday.
-Fruit Bat: mini taco to munch while you sip;
-The taco booth at the Florida Market flea market (Saturdays and Sundays only): pork, chicken, beef, tongue.


gnarlydorkette said...

No love for us vegetarians? :-(

Anonymous said...

Any idea about the hours? IMO, we are not really for a taco taste off. Argo only has theirs on Tuesday, and the H Street County Club is hit or miss on service.

monkeyrotica said...

Big fan of the seafood tacos and tacos al carbon at Tortilla Cafe. I've had worse at three-times the price.

Anonymous said...

I second the pleas for veggie-friendly tacos!

Kiki said...

Can you please remind us where the Florida Market taco stand is? Tried to find it but failed.

nelliebly said...

If you are willing to head to their truck Rosslyn (or their new permanent location on Columbia Pike) District Taco has marvelous veggie tacos.

MJ said...

The pork tacos at Fruit Bat are the best I've had in the DC area (kind of damning with faint praise) when Jose is working in the kitchen; if the other guy is cooking (I forget his name, much shorter Salvadoran fellow) go with the arepas (pupusas) instead. They also have vegetarian tacos, which I haven't yet tried. H Street Country Club is hit or miss though their fried yucca is usually spot on. The Florida Ave Taco Stand is part of the outdoor market, and is almost dead center in the fenced in area. Good tacos, not expensive. Burrito Bros. tacos are decent, but much better from the downtown International Square location than Penn. Ave/Capitol Hill.

Rob said...

Ive got the following information:

Veggie Friendly Option:
Bean and Cotija Cheese Taco

Mon 12-10
Tue 12-12
Wed 12-12
Thur 12-12
Fri 12-2
Sat 12-2
Sun 12-8 (Serving Soups)

Rob said...


Tuesdays 12-2

Sorry about that.

inked said...

the middle row of the flea market.

Anonymous said...

i just had the veggie tacos at the Impala stand at Water Ice. They are sooo good.

homemade tortillas, beans, fresh vegetables, and the cheese was perfect.

oboe said...

You can find decent soft corn-tortilla tacos everywhere nowadays. Does anyone know why--with the exception of one or two illegal suburban food carts--you can't buy as decent burrito within 100 miles of DC? Burrito Brothers is just terrible; Chipotle is about the best one going.

Anyone have a suggestion for a good local pastor or lengua burrito?

Dave B said...

homemade tortillas are key. i'm assuming they are corn.

i hope this place takes off and stays around permanently.

fatty said...


Try Tortilla Cafe on 7th SE right across from the Eastern Market. I've never had their tacos, but I am a fan of their Burritos, Papusas, Nachos and Empanados

monkeyrotica said...

@oboe - I'm fond of Tacos El Costalilla in Alexandria. Pastor, lengua, cabeza, tripa, buche tacos. Don't know if they do burritos, but the sopes are f**king amazing. There's also a handful of places like El Tapatio, La Fondita, and Taqueria Tres Reyes in Beltsville that are also worth treking out for. No Tex-Mex here.

oboe said...


Was just at La Fondita this weekend. Great tacos. The quesadillas looked really good, too. No fat pastor burritos though... Of course, daughter was pissed we drove right past Franklin's.

charles said...

The taco stand looks promising. I lived in Mexico for a while and am always on the lookout for semi-authentic Mexican food (I have found that most Americans really don't want totally authentic).

El Charrito Caminante in Arlington is good (near Clarendon). There are a couple of good spots in Riverdale - Tres Reyes and The Alamo (classic TexMex). Closer to home I will second the recommendations for Tortilla Cafe on 7th St. SE - especially the pupusas.