Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Evolve Space, Um, Evolves


Heavy construction is underway at the new Evolve headquarters (left), and at their double space (left). Evolve plans to rent the double space to a restaurant tenant.


IMGoph said...

wow, a full facadectomy.

Hillman said...

Evolve is a good example of a local company that provided a good product.

Congrats to them.

Anonymous said...

Disagree. Evolve was horrible about managing my landlord's property. They are unresponsive and neglectful.

When they replaced our water heater, we only agreed to the timetable because they said it would take a few hours. This was a Friday and we had a party the next day. On Saturday, they pulled the plumber off of our house after he disconnected our water to go work on THEIR office while they we're throwing a pool party for themselves at Pierce School. I had to go DEMAND that they send him back, and he was still bandaiding our plumbing back together when guests started to arrive. The repairs took five days, all told.

They lie by omission (our property had undisclosed utility issues that exploded our monthly bills), overspend (on shoddy repairs), and spend a lot of time congratulating themselves and throwing staff parties. For what? Buying up the block first?

My landlord eventually had to fire them, mid-lease, for incompetence and then they submitted the wrong documentation to our new management company.

Total amateurs through and through.

John Mitchell said...

So is their HQ on the left or is it the restaurant space? Are you saying they own the property slated for Vendetta?

inked said...

no. There are three buildings covered by that black sheeting. Vendetta is slated to go in two doors down from those.

Anonymous said...

Joe Englert said:

I think Evolve is doing an unbelievable job. The development comunity is a small one. Yet,I have never heard anything than praise for Evolve's management team. I also know a whole batch of plumbers, electricians and other trades who have worked with Evolve who say they are professional and always pay on time. The best of luck to them. They are thinking BIG for H and don't you think our little street deserves it?

Anonymous said...

My client did not have a good experience with Evolve as a management company. There were shoddy capital repairs that were overpriced; Evolve's management services were overpriced compared to comparable companies, and Evolve was rather uncooperative when the property switched to another management company after Evolve was terminated. I will say that different people have different experiences with management companies, and this is but one; but this multi-family building felt it necessary to terminate Evolve's services after about 2-3 years.

Cedar said...

Hands down evolve was the worst experience as a renter. My roof leaked into my living-room for 6 months, they blamed landlords, their employees and never once actually fixed the issue. I have email after email of them lying. I would avoid evolve, not one person I've ever spoken with has a good thing to say about who rented from them. Unprofessional people.