Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Share Your Thoughts on H Street


Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm
Starting March 30, 2011
SOVA Espresso and Wine
1359 H Street

What do YOU want to see on H Street? Do you dream of craft markets and artisan stalls? Really got a craving for a hot dog stand? Wish there was a place to buy a bike? What's YOUR vision? Each Wednesday, stop by SOVA anytime between 11am and 1pm for Street Talk - informal salon discussions of how we, as H Street business owners, stakeholders and neighborhood residents envision the future of H Street, NE economic development. The possibilities are endless, but are more easily achieved when we come together as a business community to support a shared vision. Be a part of the discussion and have your voice heard. Street Talk is completely open to the public and is meant to be casual in nature. There is no set program; simply stop in anytime between 11am and 1pm to participate. Street Talk is being initiated by H Street entrepreneur Joe Englert with support from CHAMPS – Capitol Hill’s Chamber of Commerce.


diane said...

Damn, I work during the day and cannot make that. I would like to see a UPS or other type of mail store on H ST. It seems as there was a sign once, but never saw it open.
Also, it would be nice to have ACKC open a small site here on H St NE...They are a WONDERFUL Chocolature (sp) that is NW near Whole Foods on P St..YUM!
I will work on thinking of more.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. Lots of notice, and during the day. Like they really want to hear from working residents. Who is going to be surprised that it's not the same people who show up at the Tommy meetings?

Anonymous said...

Would like to see a gym, a bowling alley, and an Indian restaurant.

AngryHound said...

Concur with the others. Who is really going to be able to attend in the middle of a work day? It seems like it would accomodate the restaurant/bar owners but not the people that live around there and spend their money on H.

On a personal note, I would love a bakery.

inked said...

there was an announcement last week about it, and this is now a weekly event.

Anonymous said...

joe englert said:

Yes, these first couple of meetings I envision being mostly attended by real estate owners and potential tenants. But of course, everybody's opinion is valued. I would love to help anybody out who needs help with a business plan or other venture. You can reach me at joe@dcpanic.net Also, if there is enough stated interest we can do a neighbors get together in the evenings as well. None of this stuff is subrosa. Thanks. Joe

Anonymous said...

This CoolCat is seconding AngryHound about having a bakery. Bread, pastry, pizza.

Perhaps this bakery could be part of an European-style Market Hall that offers some of what the Eastern Market already has but also what they don't sell, like fresh mozzarella, and is open on Mondays.

Other retail stores?

oboe said...

Perhaps this bakery could be part of an European-style Market Hall that offers some of what the Eastern Market already has but also what they don't sell, like fresh mozzarella, and is open on Mondays.

I like it! Eastern Market but with a bakery, and maybe even produce vendors that don't suck worse than pre-facelift Safeway. Add a seafood vendor whose fish isn't rotten and we'd have a world-beater!

Might even cause Eastern Market's management to start running EM for the customers rather than for the "vendors-for-life."

disculer said...

How about some parking lots.

Anonymous said...

Would love a cheese shop like Cowgirl Creamery or Cheesetique, and a butcher like Meat on the Avenue.

Anonymous said...

record store (I know, I know)
health food store/juice bar
asian grocery
garden center
bike shop
cooking school
chinese accupressurist

I should really get off my butt and start one of these businesses. I'm going to kick myself later.

Anonymous said...

Joe, what ever happened to the red sauce Italian place you were going to open?
I think it would do wonderfully, appealing to both families and hipsters alike. I went to Pasta Mia in Adams Morgan recently, and that place PRINTS money. And while the food is good, it's not something that couldn't be easily replicated.

Come on Joe, do it!!

Dave B said...

I've seen this "red sauce" Italian place thing posted around here before. Did someone just post it once and it became the lingo or is it an actual restaurant industry term? I generally just assume most Italian places are heavy on the "red" sauce. But maybe there are higher end (or something) places that don't focus on it, hence the distinction. I just want to know if the term exists outside of this blog. Or maybe it is even the same person who uses it repeatedly.

Resident said...

I would love a deli/grocer that sells some prepared meal components and nice grocery staples (preferably organic) like milk, cheese, bread, eggs. So, yeah, the Eastern Market But Better idea--something like P&C Market at Lincoln Park but with more down-to-earth pricing. Wouldn't it be nice to pick up a roast chicken and a pasta salad with a decent loaf of bread on your way home?
I also would like to see a gym (with childcare!).

djbays said...

Anon 10:11, there is a health food store/juice bar in the works on the corner of Florida and Trinidad. It is a very slow moving project and I have no idea when it will actually open (I've stopped asking, but much of the interior work is done). I was told it will have juice, smoothies, coffee, sandwiches, and fresh produce...

Also, HStreetDC tweeted today about a new shwarma/falafel shop openning on H St in May...

Anonymous said...

A neighborhood gay bar. Not a club. Just a friendly small bar.

vincent said...

Anon 3:27 - Toyland is the new neighborhood gay bar according to the 9th street

Anonymous said...

I want a pony.
the bar below toki.

Brian White said...

A head shop
A sex shop
Doctor's office
Occult bookshop
Garden center
Comic book store
Regular bookstore
Indian restaurant
A wilderness store
Definitely a gym
Places with patio seating
Then it would be perfect

charles said...

music store - instruments (cool old stuff not as much new crap), strings, accessories, repairs, etc

Anonymous said...

i'ld like to host a happy hour at the bar below toki. i'm hoping to introduce all the people who want to freeze tavern licenses in favor of cool boutiques to all the people bemoaning the fact that this session is during the day.
the pug
ps i still want a pony

jh said...

I would love a huge auto parts store. And a storage facility.

Anonymous said...

+5 ^--------------

inked78 said...

Tony T.,
why can't you be satisfied with the once a year horse ride down H Street?

djbays said...

i would like a fortune teller...and a pony.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't it be cool if the trolleys were pulled by ponies? then we wouldn't have to worry about those pesky power lines. now if we could just turn them around.
toki's basement rec room

oboe said...

A real ale engine at the Queen Vic...


Anonymous said...

...a gym
...food coop
...vintage furniture store
...book store

Anonymous said...

Joe Englert said:

A lot of people are just missing the point. We don't need ideas for new places. We need new entrepenuers and landlords willing to rent them spaces. We need to build the political will for parking lots. We need a sensible limit on liquor licenses. We need more police precense as the area grows. We need to recruit secondary uses (doctors offices, dentists, small government agencies, small business offices, etc) Let's get some movement on issues that will make this a great corridor for decades all through the course of the day just not at night. Thanks.....

Anonymous said...

if i wanted a realistic answer, i'ld ask my mom. joe, i worked for you for 15 years, and i want a pony. i'ld also like a cool pony boutique that would close before i get home for my day job downtown. i want someone to breeze right through dcra and open that pony boutique, quickly just like i envision it, or i will complain on frozen tropics.