Thursday, March 03, 2011

Want a Free Bike Rack For Your Business?

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If so, now's an excellent time to get one with help from CHAMPS, DDOT, and WABA. After the jump find out how get the process rolling.

I wanted to let you know that we've been working with DDOT and WABA to get bike racks installed along the corridor and want to make sure we have them everywhere that we need them! They installed one at Capital City Diner 2 weeks ago and we've got 5 going in this morning at the Argonaut, but I know that there are still several areas that are sorely in need of racks.

If you need bike parking in front of your business (or know of a location that could really use it), please let me know. The info I need is:

- Business Name (if applicable)
- Business Address (or description of location if it's not in front of a business)
- How many bikes you need to accommodate: There are various kinds of racks, but what they seem to be using most are the black upside down U shaped racks, each of which can accommodate 2 bikes.
- Priority level - if this is a location that already has some racks but could use a few more that would be a lower priority than the places where there are no bike racks to be seen, if that makes sense. Everyone will get racks - it's just a matter of trying to prioritize which ones go in first.

After I have that information, I can take care of the rest of the details and will contact you individually about when the various installations will occur.


Julia E. Christian, Executive Director
CHAMPS - Capitol Hill's Chamber of Commerce
Office Address: 222 7th Street, SE - Washington , DC 20003
Mailing Address: PO Box 15486 - Washington , DC 20003
Phone: 202.547.7788 / Fax: 202.904.2898


Matt Ashburn said...

Thanks very much to Julia at CHAMPS and everyone at DDOT who worked hard to get this going. The bike rack at Capital City Diner's seeing a good amount of use, and we really appreciate it.

Cap City Diner

Anonymous said...

The Argonaut had five racks installed today. They are located next to the patio, infront of the new outdoor bar area.

Thanks Julia(CHAMPS)!


Anonymous said...

I know in the past that a limitation DDOT had on installing racks was a lack of crews to do the installation, so there may be some delay in getting them installed. If you are waiting for racks and they're not getting installed, let me know and I'll ask DDOT.

Liam Healy
DC Bicycle Advisory Council represntative for Ward 6

Anonymous said...


mark said...

This is great, thank you! Makes it much easier to ride my own bike up to H street area.

Greg Billing, WABA said...

You can request bike racks for anywhere in the city online here:

Click the link for rack requests. Megan, our hardworking bike parking superstar at WABA, is installing the racks through a grant from DDOT.

BikeParking said...

You should use plastics ones. :)