Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tryst Type Concept on H Street

Yesterday's scuttlebutt from Prince of Petworth is confirmed. The owners of Fly Lounge are indeed making plans for 1346-1348 H Street. But it isn't a club they seek to open, but something closer to the Adams Morgan staple Tryst. As for the Rick Astley rumor...I'm going to call that a ruse. According to Wikipedia Astley is married (to a woman) and lives in a suburb of London.


MJ said...

How is what they're describing different from Sova?

(and that was definitely a rickroll- the real investor is a goat farmer from Christmas Island, I have the link to his site somewhere around here....)

8th and El said...

That was a very good rickroll, though. Thanks for the :)

Anonymous said...

I think this is awesome news! Just the other day I was in Tryst and wishing H Street had something comprable. I am and always will be an avid Sova fan, but the open floorplan, music, furniture, menu etc of Tryst is awesome! Welcomed addition to H! (And much better than a fly lounge!)


Anonymous said...

A Tryst-type coffee house could do very, very well here... but I think something like an Open City Diner or Busboys & Poets would do better. We already have Sova on H, and I think a new place would really need to differentiate itself.

Thanks for the update. So glad Fly p. 2 isn't coming to H (yet).

Anonymous said...

A Tryst concept run by Rick Astley would bankrupt Sova & Joe Englert overnight. Look Out the Brits are coming and theres a bullseye on your back Englert!

My guess Englet folds over the course of 6 months as all his hipster staff will join Team Big Boy and actually get paid real money and receive real employee benefits.