Monday, April 11, 2011

Want to Star in H Street the Sitcom?


It could happen. This open casting call popped up in my Google Reader this afternoon. Notable fact: there appears to be no hipster character. Here are a few details, but check the ad for the full list of available roles.

Casting Call sitcom. "H Street"
Please be prepared to for a cold read.
We plan to shoot the entire pilot episode of our new sitcom, H-Street.
Compensation includes meals, performance credit, and a copy of the project.
Further compensation/work would depend upon whether the series is picked up and would be negotiated at a later date.


Ratalal said...

I doubt that'll get picked up. The DC stereotypes are rather nauseating, I'm guessing H St will get moved closer to the Capitol too.

Anonymous said...

a black burglar with a british accent? have these people been to h street?

fff said...

"What does the world need? More taxes. "
oh god.

anyway, i'd love to see a dc based show that wasn't about cops or politics.

Anonymous said...

I think they made the right move not casting a hipster. Can you imagine having to work with them on a project like this? Trying to direct/teach a whole cast of sticky rice staff types?

Chris said...

Those role descriptions, god. This looks like a high school project.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this appears to be the stupidest thing ever written.

Anonymous said...

i love people that sit around all day posting negative comments on blogs...always easier to critique others than come up with something interesting yourself.

Anonymous said...

Darn no role for a curmudgeonly 68 year old INTJ physicist and aikido sandan, long time resident.

Anonymous said...

Look for the pilot on public access after the lost tribe of Israel bro show.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me that some staff from the Pug is going for the "bartender" role. I'm looking at you Tony T. What would your catch phrase be?

tubbs said...

not to mention Tubbs, the wacky but loveable electro-stim expert who lives just down the street! He complains non-stop about how all of those nasty new bars have taken attention away from the "palace of wonders" in his basement!

4th and G said...

It's actually not a bad mash-up of the people you see on H Street. That said, will it have a plot or be more like Portlandia (which is brilliant!).

chuck said...

Brad likes to play Broomball?!?!? Don't they know that it is called stickball around these parts?

I call shenanigans!

Anonymous said...

show = F-
way too many political characters.

a dude with a bow tie because he is republican...sounds like we are channeling Me Belvedere, or Carleton.

Anonymous said...

my catch phrases lately have been along these lines,
why don't you let the lady order first,
how about a please,
i don't know how to make that,
sorry we don't have soco,
no we really don't serve bombs.
i've always been told i have a face for radio anyway.
the bar below toki

CGladbach said...

All snide comments aside, I'd watch it if it got picked up. And so would all of you, don't lie :)