Friday, May 27, 2011

Weekend Fundraiser at the Pug


Here's the info:

we're heading into the cool days of summer and i hope everyone's plans for the summer season include several trips to the pug. if you're looking for an excuse to visit soon, we are doing another fundraiser this weekend. we had been considering raising money for sarah palin's empress of the americas campaign, but on further review we found a much better cause. jason cage is a firefighter i've known since my days at the lounge who's been battling cystic fibrosis. he's recently gotten a lung transplant and the financial strain is pretty large so we are donating 10 per cent of this weekend's ring to try to help out a little bit. for more info you can check out second wind for jason cage on the interweb, or stop by for a pint and a shot.
as always, thanks for your continued support,
the pug (1234 H Street)


Anonymous said...

Is tonight included?

Anonymous said...

We are donating 10% of friday and saturday nite's ring.
The pug

The genuine poo poo said...

I am officially in love with tonyt. Which is odd, because I'm male, and not gay. This man has major mojo!

Anonymous said...

Oh poo, don't make me blush. We had a good nite last niye but i'ld encourage more drinking this evening to help the lad out. Remeber it's 10 per cent of friday and saturday's ring.
The pug