Monday, June 20, 2011

Meditation Classes on H Street

Recall that meditation survey from a few months back? It's now bearing fruit. Classes are available Wednesday mornings, or Sunday afternoons.


More info about the class after the jump:

More about the class:
Moving Meditation blends sitting meditation, personal warm-up and group improvisation. We will explore the wonderfully nourishing format called Contemplative Dance Practice (CDP) developed by Barbara Dilley. This class takes you to both an internal/personal focus and an external awareness of others. It is open to anyone interested in expanding your meditation practice to movement or being more mindful in your dancing.

“CDP can be practiced by anyone who is willing to sit down for a while, begin to explore the sense perceptions and practice awareness. Then we simply bring that awareness into gestures, bring it to our moving/dancing/singing bodies and share this with others. After that we can create whatever is important for us, for our friends, for the life.” – Barbara Dilley

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