Thursday, June 23, 2011

Roll Call: Seeing the Signs on H Street

Roll Call has a very interesting story on efforts by local bars and restaurants to better accommodate deaf patrons by learning a little ASL. If you've ever spent any significant time in the area you will know that we have a sizable deaf population, partly do to the proximity of Gallaudet University. All those students, professors, and university employees frequent the bars and restaurants on H Street. Now with $25,000 in grants from the District government CHAMPS and HSMS are partnering to provide free ASL classes to owners and employees of bars, restaurants, and other local businesses. The ten session classes will focus on vocabulary relevant to the service industry, and will also include education on deaf culture and history.


Campy said...

Pretty awesome and makes me want to learn some ASL too.

Anonymous said...

This is great, but was it really that hard for deaf people to order from the bar before? I mean, wouldn't you just hand the bartender a post-it that says, "I'm deaf. Vodka Redbull, please."?

Lisa C. said...

That is awesome. Wish neighbors could take advantage too.

Alex from the Pug said...

Way to go Fritz.

Anonymous said...

Great video. I don't think anonymous 2:22 PM watched it.

@capitolhilldc said...

Due to the size limits of these classes, we have to limit attendance to businesses and their employees. But we've been discussing classes for neighborhood residents with Gallaudet as well and I'm confident we can make it work!

I should know that all of the other seminars/how-to clinics included in H Street Summer School are open to neighbors. the classes and info is here:

They're all free and at the Atlas.

Hope to see you all at ARTventures on Thursday!


Julia Christian
CHAMPS Executive Director

H Street Landlord said...

Heart-warming, very positive all around.