Friday, July 01, 2011

Reminder: Trinidad Block Party Sunday

Trinidad Block Party Flyer (07-03-11)

2-8pm Sunday July 3rd.
Come one, come all, but you do need to follow the flyer and bring some food to share. We had a great time last year and everyone hung out for hours.
Things we'll need on the day of the party: grills, grill masters, tables, kiddie pools and whatever else you can provide.


Rob said...

Good luck guys, I hope it's a great success!

Clifton said...

Will there be someone who is coordinating the supplies? For example, if I can share a bag of charcoal, who do I leave the bag with?
I'll also bring a couple of those 2.5 gallon jugs of water to share if people need to stay hydrated as well.

Can I bring a table and a couple of chairs and just set it up anywhere on the street?

djbays said...

Yes, you can set up table and chairs pretty much wherever. We'll have some tables for food and whatnot, so if you have some charcoal or water or food to share, you can leave it there. We are not overly organized, but with good community it usually seems to work out very well.