Thursday, August 25, 2011

Girl Meets Food: The Elvis at DDP

I am Elvis... by Lew57
I am Elvis..., a photo by Lew57 on Flickr.
Girl Meets Food celebrated the anniversary of the King's death with the Elvis from Dangerously Delicious Pies (1339 H Street). The Elvis is a banana cream pie with bacon pieces and bits of peanut buttercups. Top it off with whipped cream and fresh bananas and you're done. Wow, that's a hunk of burning love indeed. $6.50 a slice, or $30 for the whole pie.


Anonymous said...

That's disgusting.

Can we PLEASE get some healthier options on H Street?

inked said...

We have sushi, Shawafel (some healthy items), and Ethiopian food. Many places have a salad on the menu. We're getting a pho place, a health food store, and a second juice bar, and a second sushi bar. A pie place is always going to serve stuff that's unhealthy. What else would you like to see?

ro said...

Yea, and to add to that, many of the items on the menu at the Atlas Room would also qualify as healthy as would a large portion of the menu at Souk. If you can't find a healthy meal on H St. then you're not looking very hard. Oh and that Elvis pie sounds delicious.

Anonymous said...

Well, good points on the sushi and Shawafel. And there's more sushi to come, which is great.

Ethiopian food is not especially healthy. Pho is so-so, and that place isn't anywhere near opening. The health food store isn't a health food store, it's a vitamin/supplement store (I assume you're thinking of Aspire)

I know there's a juice bar coming on Florida, but where's the existing one? This is mostly what I was thinking of. Fresh juice, sandwiches, salads, fruit. There are a lot of nights where I would stop and pay for something to go on H on the way home, but end up not stopping because I can't think of anything that won't destroy my diet.

poo poo khan said...

Khans BBQ can be healthy if you don't load up on too much salt and sauces.

dave said...

Same with Toki underground.

inked said...

Ethiopian food can be healthy. It just depends on what you order. I wasn't talking about Aspire (Aspire's already open). I was talking about the new one coming to Florida Ave. The other juice bar is Fruit Bat. They do fresh juices at the bar all day and night long. I know you can get yogurt at Sova, and they definitely have soup and salad specials at Sidamo. that's also a good point about Khan's (and I had intended to mention Souk).

I think most places likely have something on the menu that's going to be a healthful option, but obviously some spots are better bets.

Anonymous said...

It's always funny when someone says "we need ____" or "they really need to _______".

How about you pony up the $100-$200k (minimum) required to open a business on H street?

For most of the ideas, the reason that it doesn't (yet) exist is that there isn't (yet) sufficient demand.

Anonymous said...

The cheese balls at the pug have ZERO trans fats!

Campy said...

^^^^ i was waiting for that. you never disappoint.

Anonymous said...

customer service. that's what we do. often surly, but we hate to disappoint. as a quick aside, it may be shocking to learn that i love the elvis, and it's makers.
the pug

Anonymous said...

Congrats Anon 11:57, you win the fallacious argument award! Can't talk about x unless you're willing to do x yourself. Let's see... I don't think you should really be expressing your opinion on FT since you haven't started your own neighborhood blog.

Following on your razor sharp logic, are we to presume that unless one is prepared to open up one's own business/restaurant/talk show/rock climbing gym, one can't express an opinion that said product or service may or may fulfill an as yet untapped market?

There's no Thai on H. If I hope that a Thai place opens soon on H, do I need to open it myself instead of expressing my hope that an actual restauranteur with knowledge and experience opens a good Thai place? The knowledge and experience I don't have but will reward with my hard earned dollars through patronage?

And on the subject of whether there is a demand for a health-oriented restaurant, I think if ever there was a market for such an establishment, it's in DC and perhaps the CH/H St. area in particular.

Something like this perhaps:

B said...

Twelve comments and nobody makes the correction? Elvis' birthday is in January. August is the anniversary of his death. Shouldn't we learn from Michelle Bachman's mistakes?