Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pursue Your Retail Dreams on H Street

The H Street NE Retail Priority Area Project Grant is finally ready to roll. We've talked about the grant before. Basically, it provides grants of up to $85,000 for new retail operations on H Street NE. Existing merchants can apply as well, but only if they have a plan that will create new jobs for DC residents. Here are the highlights:
-A total of $1,250,000 is available.
-The business must actually front on the H Street NE Corridor between 3rd and the Starburst Intersection.
-Retail space must be at least 1,200 square feet.
-Eligible applicants include retail businesses engaged in the sale of home furnishings, apparel, books, art, groceries, and general merchandise goods to specialized customers.
-Special consideration shall be given
to retail developments that include entrepreneurial and innovative retail elements.
-The following are ineligible: liquor stores, bars, restaurants, cell phones stores, salons, barbershops, nightclubs.

DMPED will hold an informational session at Smith Commons, 1245 H Street
Wednesday, September 21 at 5:30pm.


Anonymous said...

FINALLY, my dream of opening a wig shop can come true!

Robby said...

How about a adult/martial aid store?

Gonzo said...

Is that marital aid or martial aid or both?

roxanneismyalterego said...

Buffalo Exchaaaaaaaaange! or something similar.

Anonymous said...

I sell your stuff on ebay!!!

LPF said...

Would love to see a gun shop open up. Is Charlie Sykes still looking for new location?