Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Changes at Capitol Hill Cupcakes

The Capitol Hill cupcakes storefront at 411 18th Street is closing, but the cupcakes shall endure. You can still place orders for cupcakes, and plans are in the works for a food truck. Full details from the owner after the jump.

Dear Patrons,

Over ten weeks have elapsed since we opened the window at the Capitol Hill Bakery, ex-Cafe Roma, to introduce you to our gourmet cupcakes. Once again, you showed your support by visiting our store and purchasing the cupcakes and expressing your encouragement. We are very grateful for this continued support, and we will endeavour to excel in serving you in the future.

As you know, given its location, our store is not yet ideal for retail activity. Many people tell us that the development of the entire neighbourhood is some years down the road. We know this from the experience of Cafe Roma, and it was confirmed these days as the flow of customers does not cover the costs of operations. The reason for opening our store during the weekends was merely to introduce our products to our patrons and to establish direct contact. Therefore, we would like to inform you that the storefront of Capitol Hill Cupcakes, will close on Sunday, October 30st.

However, we would like to explain to our patrons that the operations of the bakery are open, and that you can place your orders any time during the weekdays, provided that you give us twenty-four hours lead time. In addition, we are in the process of acquiring a food truck; hence we will be able to serve you better by bringing our products to your area.

We will keep you informed about the launch of the food truck operations soon.

Thank you once again for your kind support.

The management of Capitol Hill Bakery


East_H said...

I was hoping this place would survive and maybe morph into a coffee shop, but it's on a difficult street for foot traffic. Glad to hear they will still offer them with an order though. The sweet potato cupcake is unbelievable.

Richard Layman said...

if you want to develop your business and your brand, consider developing farmers markets as your outlet. Eastern market would be one, but there are many others.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried their cupcakes? I'm curious if there is any feedback out there to offer.

Richard Layman said...

when they had the italian restaurant is was very good.

SustainableDC said...

Their cupcakes were/are really good. I am a chocoholic myself, but I have heard great things about their key lime and red velvet. I hope they can make it work as a food truck and if nothing else I hope people think of them for events as 1-day lead time is very reasonable. Plus they charge 2.50 a pop so the are more reasonably prices than others.

Anonymous said...

Eastern Market is not a farmer's market, Richard. You of all people should know that.

MB said...

I had two dozen ordered for my office last week...they were amazing! I will continue to order from them, hope they can stay afloat.

Anonymous said...

I love the cupcakes - the Key Lime are especially tasty - I also loved them when they were Cafe Roma - I miss the coffee and the lasagna.