Saturday, November 05, 2011

New Young's Deli Menu

The little Korean deli on the edge of the Florida Market has reopened under new management. They no longer serve Salvadorian food. They do have some basic American food, which is perfect if you want to bring along a friend who doesn't like Korean food. That menu has things like pancakes, egg and cheese sandwiches, steak and cheese, and fried chicken. I've reproduced the Korean menu below.

325 Morse Street NE (Florida Market)

1. Spicy seafood soup and rice $7.99
2. Fried rice (seafood, chicken, or kimchi) $7.99
3. Bulgolgi (thinly sliced beef with special sauce) $8.99
4. Kimchi stew, sliced pork, tofu, vegetables $6.99
5. Beef short rib and vegetable soup $7.99
6. Spicy pork sliced thin and cooked with onions $7.99
7. Spicy beef soup $7.99
8. Ramyun (ramen) with rice $5.99
9. Dumplings $5.99

There's also a daily Korean special, but it's only written in Korean (so I can't read it).


Anonymous said...

So how is it?

Chris said...

I wonder if the spicy beef soup is Yuk Gae Jang. That stuff fed me through grad school.

David Gaines said...

Being half-Korean, I had to try it. The ladies and I went out there this week and I will say, the bul gogi is almost as good as my mom's! We were getting tired of going out to VA just for some authentic Korean. High-priced Korean at that!

Liz said...

We went for lunch today. Was delicious. The kimchi was awesome.