Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Fatal Overnight Shootings

One of these occurred on the northwestern most corner of Trinidad, and the other was in Carver-Lanmgston. The explanation from MPD is below. I hope everyone else's Thanksgiving was safe and fun.

Last night (this morning) about 12:37 am, two men were shot in front of a convenience store in the 1200 block of Mt. Olivet St. NE, near the intersection of West Virginia Avenue.

One of the victims, an 18 year old, died of his wounds. The second victim survived.

This morning at about 10:25 am, a 22 year old man was shot and killed near an alley in the 700 block of 19th St., NE, just off Benning Road.

There is no other information available to the public at this time. Detectives are investigating both cases.

If there is anyone in the community who has any information on either incident we ask that you call 727-9099 and report it.

Andy Solberg
Commander, 5D

There's also the following report (from Trinidad), which I assume was non-fatal.


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Oh Snap said...

mount olivet and WV is NW corner, not NE.

Liz said...

"This morning at about 10:25 am, a 22 year old man was shot and killed near an alley in the 700 block of 19th St., NE, just off Benning Road."

This is not Rosedale, it's north of Benning Road, so it's Carver/Langston.

inked said...

maybe Google maps is wrong, but it looks like Benning splits the 700 block of 19th Street NE. That said, it is a 5-D update, so it's probably in Carver-Langston.

Oh Snap,
Typo. Sorry, I had just gotten back into town and was tied.

Anonymous said...

I thought this was Ivy City

Sarah on Gales said...

My boyfriend and I heard the shots. We're on Gales St. The 700 block of 19th starts at the corner of Gales and continues north after Benning. I think the shots were in the alley near Langston Bar and Grill, south of Benning between 18th and 19th. Very close to us.

Liz said...

I should say, the memorial is north of Benning. That is usually a good indication of the shooting location, but not always. And inked is right - 5D is north of Benning only.

I wanna e like poo ! said...

Wow. I hope this doesn't affect JC penney's decision to squat at the mall. Does anyone know if they've tied up balloons and dolls near the scene of death? I have some "old fart" balloons from my 40th that I need to do something with....

Anonymous said...

Yes - the Ciroc bottles and teddy bears are up. Why dont you bring your used birthday balloons to my neighborhood - be sure to wear your running shoes.

The shooting took place on 19th at the alley by the 7 Store parking lot - North of Benning. At 10:10 on Saturday morning. Quite shocking. I saw the killer and the getaway car - talked to the Detectives - etc. You can jest - but when someone is murdered in broad daylight literally in your backyard - it will give you pause for thought.

19th/H NE homeowner

Anonymous said...

Are there any updates on the two killings? This is quite disconcerting. We often go to Sugar (absolutely love their food) and have noticed that they have been keeping their window covered more often in the preceding few months. Does anyone know if there have been more incidents in the area prior to this? How do folks think this will affect continued improvement in Trinidad?

curmudgeon said...

Is Sugar still open? I called them recently to place a pickup order and got a "has been disconnected" message. My gf then saw the place covered up during regular business hours; so we figured it had gone under.

Good news if they're OK.