Friday, December 02, 2011

Chicken Tortilla Seeks Liquor License at 1324 H Street

A new restaurant has applied for a CR (restaurant) alcoholic beverage license at 1324 H Street. The application describes Chicken Tortilla as "fast, casual, family style dining." I'm assuming that it's associated with the Chicken Tortilla over by Eastern Market. That one serves Mexican food and Peruvian Chicken. 1324 H Street is next door to Shawafel.

Full application after the jump.

Posting Date: December 2, 2011
Petition Date: January 17, 2012
Hearing Date: January 30, 2012
License No.: ABRA-088102
Licensee: Chicken Tortilla, Inc.
Trade Name: Chicken Tortilla
License Class: Retail Class “C” Restaurant
Address: 1324 H Street NE
Contact: Mike Jones 202-543-1904
Notice is hereby given that this applicant has applied for a license under the D.C. Alcoholic
Beverage Control Act and that the objectors are entitled to be heard before the granting of such
license on the Hearing Date at 10:00 am, 2000 14th
Street, NW, 4th
Floor, Washington, DC
20009. Petitions and/or requests to appear before the Board must be filed on or before the
petition date.
Fast, casual, family style dining establishment.
Sunday through Saturday 10am - 2am


Dave B said...

Chicken Tortilla is very good. More of a fan of the chicken than burritos. It used to be cheap as hell due to a combination of trying to increase non-lunch hour business and employees' lack of training and understanding of the menu/prices/cash register. Used to get four not unhealthy meals for like 10-11 bucks total

Anonymous said...

I thought there was a moratorium on "fast food restaurants?"

Tom A. said...

I hoope that means CHAIN fast food restaurants. If not, Ben's Chili Bowl, Good Burger, or Burger Tap and Shake or could never open on H street.

charles said...

agreed their pollo is not bad

Anonymous said...

Very good news. I'm glad to see them coming to H.

Anonymous said...

H street is blowing up!!!!

Anonymous said...

The unpleasant truth is that this place will cater towards pure thuggery, plain and simple. Save the racist arrow from your quiver, people, and someone please suggest to us with a straight face that this place is not going to be a magnet for mindless fighting, stabbings or shootings over some trifling point of pride. It's depressingly predictable, and yet totally unnecessary.

Does anyone know what we can do to fight this place? I am going to get in touch with my council member, but in addition to that, is there an ANC meeting we can attend to voice our opposition?

Far H Street said...

Troll. Really? Do you have nothing better to do than "anonymously" attempt to stir up trouble?

Looking forward to more quick takehome options and I love me some Peruvy Chicken!!

Far H Street

Anonymous said...

The above comment may not be a joke with ANC 6A. Their ABL committee has proposed that the ANC 6A oppose the alcohol license for Central and Roses Dream on the grounds that they will disturb the "peace, order and quiet of the neighborhood". Time to find better candidates and votes these bums out.

inked said...

Far H Street,

The comment at 8:45 is a cut and paste combo of two comments (left by different people) on theXclusive thread.

The first comment appears at 11:11am 11/14/11, and the second at 12:12 11/14/11.

Anonymous said...

ANCs are completely useless. When we had major illegal/ROSA parking issues and construction violations starting at 5am our ANC said we should get used to the parking challenges and did nothing (to our knowledge) to achieve anything that helped the neighbors. If ANCs sole purpose is to oppose restaurants and tell residents the city is doing everything perfectly, what's their use?

I look forward to Chicken Tortilla as an alternative to fried chicken. Why do we have so many entitled NIMBYs in this neighborhood?

Far H Street said...

Thank you, Inked. So - besides Trolling, anonymous is also unoriginal and myopic. Xclusive and Chicken are two different birds.

I agree with other Anons posting about the ANCs. Ive contacted HTs office repeatedly to get crosswalk signs at 18th and Benning. Then I did a blast to HT MPD DOT the ANCs and some of HTs staff. The only person to reply was the MPD 5D section cheif who said he'd talk to DOT. Guess what - he did and it worked - we're getting signs!

As for tavern opposition - that has to end. It's demand and supply - let it ride!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the ANC reps have better things to do than listen to anonymous blog commenters....

Anonymous said...

Exactly, just like the city council, that's why we have to find new candidates and throw the bum out.

monkeyrotica said...

Chicken Tortilla is pretty good. The chicken is roasted over real charcoal, so it has a nice smoky flavor. But I have a hard time justifying paying $10 for a burrito. You're pretty much paying restaurant-with-a-waiter prices for a fast-casual self-service eatery.

Anonymous said...

I ate there for the first time last night (after reading this post). It was good and cheap. Happy to have it coming to H st.

The sauces aren't as good as el pollo rico in arlington, but for the convenience, I can live with the good sauce that they do have.