Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Curbed: Deaf Architecture at Gallaudet University

Curbed has a cool feature on Gallaudet University's ongoing search for a more deaf friendly architecture.


Derek said...

Creating architecture for the hearing impairs is a challenge and interesting to do. As an example, It requires curved corners at corridors to allow for line of sight. Plus the concerns of lighting and materials.

Birmingham Architects said...

As an Architect I feel that I am suitably qualified to affirm that if anybody is going to be able to help the deaf community hen architects by our design expertise are the ones to do so!
As a practise we regularly help design buildings to incorporate other disabilities and designing to be deaf friendly is also important! Perhaps a good start would be to review the inner materials used within buildings.

Derek said...

@Birmingham Architects: why is it your name links to a UK architecture firm? Do you have an office here in USA or at least in the DC Metro region?