Thursday, January 12, 2012

WT: Former ANC 5B Chair Shelton Faces a Fed Charge

This Washington Times piece gives a little context on the William Shelton scandal. Of particular interest is the discussion of Patsy Staten. Staten was paid nearly $20,000 a year by ANC 5B to work as an Administrative Assistant. It's a little unclear what, if any, work she actually performed. Staten also worked for a non-profit run by Shelton (sometimes referred to online as Young Adults Corporation, and sometimes popping up as Young Adult Corporation). According to a Times article from this fall Staten had three similar jobs at the time and "regularly mingled their accounts, billing supplies to one account and having them delivered to another."

Also from today's story:

"No one immediately confiscated Mr. Shelton’s key to the ANC’s office, allowing him access to records that could have detailed any financial improprieties going back years. The records obtained by The Times included checks made out to Mr. Shelton preceding the period of theft covered by the charges."

I haven't seen numbers for later years, but a 2008 Washington Post story said that Shelton's non-profit received $100k from the District in 2007.


NiggaPlz said...

This pretty much par for the course for the District's politicians. Any really any major city's politicians (take a look at Philadelphia, who had/has decades of corrupt mayors and plenty of underlings in the game.

Anonymous said...

We need to stop the music.
Audit every grant given by the city for at least the past decade, and audit the non-profits they were given to.
Were these grants applied for properly? Were the funds accounted for?
You hear about people "getting grants" all the time, but there never seems to be any public record.

Appears to have gotten worse since the City Council stopped earmarking. Now they just arrange "grants" for their friend, relatives, and political supporters.
Time for this stuff to stop

Anonymous said...

You know what it costs to do these audits? And then what it costs to prosecute?